Seyii – Tolof –Tolof (Seed of Destruction) Part 95 (Difficult Marriages)


Amie Sillah

A Battle Field
The two women fight over every little thing as their house helps add fuel to the fire especially Jewo whose madam encourages her to ferment trouble.

He is discouraged and overwhelmed by the crisis which he cannot control or eliminate. He visited his friend Bangaly.
“Boy! What should I do? I am confused. But I have to blame you for letting J.J locate my home; that woman is trouble and stubborn and my wife is ready to play her game.”

“As our friends say, ‘Na waa o! Na waa! Have you bought her the car?”

“I have but she changed her mind and said there is no way she will bring up our first son outside his father’s house. I have the notion that J.J is on a revenge mission on my family for ditching her.”

“My candid advice is to see her parents who can persuade her to return home and wait for the payment of her bride price.She cannot stay at your home without this, if not her son will face discrimination in the future and she would be blamed for it.”

“Didn’t I try? She now distrusts me since I ditched her. When I proposed she rejected the idea as a trick to dump her once again; she refused to take me to her parents. J.J has become ‘gegena throat’ or ‘boloh’ goiter on my throat, as our people say. Boy I am helpless as it stands, and if I should die young it is J.J who would be responsible.”

“Don’t be that simplistic, you caused it. J.J was badly hurt and should not be blamed as a survivor of the circumstances.My friend you know me now, the truth must be said no matter the consequences as a man of honour. I am very sorry, you have to carry your cross. You made your bed so lay on it.”
Ken shook his head and left.
“It serves as a lesson for other men who play with women’s emotions. As for me, I have a faithful, loyal partner and my life is stable.”

At his Work Place
The CEO of his bank called him to her office and advised him.
“Kenneth! What is happening to you? You look perturbed and the effectiveness and efficiency of your work has been compromised. Speak to me as a sister not as your boss.”
Ken narrated his struggle at home and sought advice.

“Yadi I messed up my life by being engulfed by a web; I ditched my first serious girlfriend.At the time I did not realise she was pregnant with our first child and went and married a first paternal cousin, arranged by my mother who raised her up. J.J found out and came back into my life with a mission to revenge her betrayal. I am trapped, what can I do now?”

“This is a tough one,but I have a friend who has set up Marriage Counseling Centre in partnership with an expert friend and they are also trained lawyers. I’ll accompany you there and we see what the outcome would be.”
Korka thanked her and left.

Regional Director
He was on a visit to the bank country branches.

An unfortunate incident
T.T came to the office on her way back from clinic to report to Korka what the doctor had said; then out of the blue J.J arrived.

“Ah! What is happening here? Is everything okay? Why are you here?” He asked Jambal.

“Why did you ask me? What is your madam doing here?”

“Is that your business? Why do you always want me in trouble? Why are you following my footsteps?”
Through bitter quarrel,they entered into a brawl then heard the yelling and entered his office.

Dr. Alexander
What! Is your office a market place? What are these vagabonds doing here? This is unacceptable!” Followed by Yadi, they returned to her office and asked Ken to follow.

The Reaction
He was reprimanded with a suspension until further investigation to determine his fate.

At Home
He was shocked as he asked the two women sit down.
“You see what you have caused? I have been suspended until further notice, are you now happy, are you?”
The blame and counter blame game continued until Korka scolded the two women and shook them up.
“Listen to me both of you! Are you not hearing me? I have been indefinitely suspended with half salary until further notice. What does that mean, is it not a nice way of relieving me of my job? Of late because of your trouble, my work output has been drastically reduced until I was called by my CEO and now to seal my death warrant, two of you appeared at my work place to wash your dirty linen in public and disgrace me all the more. Let us now face the penalty as a family. Any more bickering, I’ll just sell the house and vanish for good; then we shall see how you would continue your war of attrition.”
For the first time in their lives, they realised their mess and decided to wake up to the call.

Back to Business
   “We have been living beyond our means and have to cut our size according to our means. First you have to relieve the house helps and do your house work for yourself, am I understood? At the moment my liquid cash has diminished; relieving the house helps is not enough.You have also to sell your cars so that we can invest into a lucrative business to supplement family income.”

“That is a nonstarter! Why can’t you sell your car as the man? I need my car to run my errands, I am very sorry to disappoint you,” she posited.

“You have not said anything, are you of the same opinion or differ? Because you always have an opposing view.T.T I want your reaction before I pass my verdict.”

“I’ll disappoint you, this time around my answer is no, I’ll not sell my car, sell yours as the man of the house.”

To be Cont.