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Seyii Tolof-Tolof – Part 563 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender –Based –Violence)


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Address of the Prosecution
“Here is a woman who is a cold blooded murderess  she calculated and murdered a good, loving husband who did everything for her indeed it was through his influence that she entered university and studied Gender and Development up to M.Sc. level at the end of her course she was accorded the overall best student when she came back from overseas studies  he set up her organization and got U.K sponsors for her.
My client waited patiently for her to deliver the dividends by expanding his lineage but to no avail he still gave her chance to organize herself but still nothing after 10 years plus. Maama Debi who never favoured his marriage decided to find an alternative. Mariama her niece whom she trained herself was now being trained by her and she decided to give her as a present to her son.
“My son we have waited patiently for 10years, your wife is barren and you refused to accept it but it is the truth; Yama is fertile you’ll marry her now and she will give me my grandchildren to carry before I join my ancestors.”

“Sally heard her and decided to end her husband’ life in cold blooded murder as for the repeated rape she enjoyed it she never complain to anyone and to the few she reported to she was advice to quit before it was too late but she refused so whose fault was it? How can she endure rape and blame his innocent husband for it? She condoned rape therefore she could not blame her husband for violation she is an enabler equally guilty as Solomon.”

“My lady Sally is equally guilty as a woman murderess she has no pity for Maama Debi who lost her only son, a son who was her bread winner; this murderess murdered her husband in cold blood; if she was innocent she could just have pack her things and quietly left, murdering her husband is not an option even if what she said about the rape was true just leave end of story.”

”Ma lady Solomon love his wife when she told her the pregnancy he felt it and asked her to abort it and they redo the action in a dignified way then he will willingly accept the baby but to conceive a baby in a rape action was undesirable he could never love such a child especially his first born since for a long time. When Sally refused to do so on the pretext that she can never conceive again Solomon became desperate and did what he did.”

“Sally is a murderess and deserves sanction for life imprisonment. I rest my case.”

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The Trial Judge
“I have heard the Defence first and now the Prosecution I’ll give my judgment next week.”

“The Court is adjourned.” Announced the Court Clerk.

Sally continued her bail and now lives with Penda and her daughter Saange when Maama Debi refused her entry into her husband’ house.

Penda’ Family
She is now working and doing very well taking care of her family Saange has been enrolled into university and doing just fine.

Uncle Sang came with the girls Baange and Herengne they were thrilled and rushed to hug their aunty Penda.

Aunty Penda
“How are my girls doing?” She asked.

The Girls
“We are doing now and have entered polytechnic college I am doing Construction and Baagne is doing Plumbing.”

Aunty Penda
“That is marvelous wherever she is Bea will be happy and proud of our girls you have broken the stereo type I am very happy for both of you; your cousin Saange is also doing Cardiology all of you has made me a proud mother.”

The Girls
“Aunty we’ve come to tell you we’ve plan to visit dad in prison what do you wish to buy for him?”

Aunty Penda
“I have some toilettes which you can take for him and also a card for his birthday.”

The Girls
“Do you remember his birthday?”

Aunty Penda
“Yes I do we the three friends know our husbands’ birthdays.”

The Girls
“Thank you very much aunty we’ll take it to him.”

At the Prison
the Girls were ushered in the waiting room and they await their father.

He workout in prison and is now very strong and fit the Girls were thrilled to see him at first  they did not recognize him when he called them they rushed and hugged him it was ecstatic;
“You have grown so big, beautiful and strong I miss all of you I have seen your letter telling me you have been enrolled in the polytechnic; it is marvelous I love it that you have broken the stereotypes, your field of study is employable you will be self -employed plumbing and construction are excellent. I always pray and have you in mind your pictures and that of your mom are place in my cell I always polish and kiss them they made me sane in prison. I have repented and of good behavior my mistakes have made me learn my lessons I am never vex and I am now very tolerant thank you my children for forgiving me that has given me strength.’

The Girls
“Mom instructed us in our dream simultaneously to forgive you that whatever humans do in life is for a purpose. Now she is gone you are our only parent whom we’ll love and cherish we are counting the days when you’ll be released and come back to us to live as a big, happy family.’
The trio prayed together gave their gifts and that of Aunty Penda dad was very happy as he sent thanks and appreciation to Penda and daughter Saange.
To be Cont.         

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