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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 538 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


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At the Clinic
Beatrice was detained for more observation by the doctor. Pa Colley brought along the girls who were very worried about their mother.

The Girls
“Whar’ wrong with our mother? But she never complains about sickness. This woman will die in secret she never want to bother anyone with her problems but is always available to the family to solve our problems please God protect her for us may the blood of Jesus Christ cover all of us.”

The girls came and found her fast asleep.

Pa Colley
“Girls sit on the chairs and allow her rest until she naturally wakes up.

She heard whispers and woke up.

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They rushed and hugged her,
“Mom! How are you now? But you never told us you were sick? How do you feel now?”

“I am hoping I’ll be fine.”

The Girls,
“Stay at hospital until you become perfect you can never rest as long as you serve the demon who will ensure you serve him to death.”

“Don’t talk about your dad in contempt it is not right. He’ll change will continue praying for him for redemption.”

The Girls,
“We are not convince dad is beyond redemption.” They concurred.

“Never say never while there is life there is hope I am a Catholic faithful.”

Augustus Sang
He visited his brother’ house taking along the girls he found Bully at home after exchanged greetings then he asked,

“Where is my wife I came and Pa Colley told me she is admitted at the hospital.”

“So you know about it what prevented you from going there and judge for yourself isn’t she your wife the mother of your children?”

“You know the football season has started  I have to watch my favourite team before going anywhere.”

“Wicked soul watching your favourite team is more important than visiting your sick wife mother of your children? I pity your end.”

At the Clinic
Bully felt ashamed and rush to the clinic and found Beatrice taking some snap he woke her up;

“Get up lazy bone you have sleep enough what’ wrong with you that you never told us?”

She arrived in time and explained,
“You never know she did not tell you?”

He became impatient,
“What has she not tell me her husband? What is she hiding?” He became agitated, excited and nervous.

“She was stressful and lost her 5 weeks pregnancy   the foetus was a baby boy. What a great loss but she is young and can have more babies if she want to. Take heart and encourage her all the more.”

He became enraged and was shaking vigorously he has to sit down to calm his nerves his temperature became high in cold sweat.
“Pregnant! What pregnancy? A boy child? That was my wish I want her to now give me boys why should she hide it from me? She is a witch very evil she has to pay for my lost I’ll kill her for this grave mistake.” He said it in silence. He swore his eyes red with vengeance.
“This woman can kill me but I’ll teach her the lesson of her life.” He soliloquies.  He went home to strategize what he was to do next.

Next Day at the Clinic
The girls came to the clinic quite excited they were accompanied by Uncle Sang he asked the girls to excuse him to talk to their mother they left and he spoke to Beatrice,
“Sister-in-law you need some rest after the miscarriage go to your sister she is a midwife she knows how to help you recover you need real rest which you cannot have in your home due to your bully of a husband.”

“Who will take care of my children, their schooling, feeding and welfare? I appreciate your concern but I am a survivor I’ll manage.”

He scolded her;
“Sister-in-law  to be candid I fear for your life which you have put on the line for quite a long time now the children will be fine I can arrange for our only sister Maggie to come and stay with them  for a while and you can convalescent until you recuperate and regain back your health. When you die God forbid you’ll not take the children along preserve your life for those who care is my candid advice.’

She laughed over the concern and emphasized;
“I’ll be fine! I’ll be fine! My husband will not agree and there will be problem.”

“He does not love you and would surely harm you for losing his first male child his desire and goal mark my words but it is your life I cannot force you there is already a rift between me and your bully of a husband I have to restrain myself.”

“I have a marriage to keep  I’ll be fine I am use to suffering  since I was very young.”

He is frustrated as he sees her in-law as very naïve and vulnerable;
“She’ll lose her life very soon that bully is very cruel.” He soliloquies.
To be Cont.

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