Seyii – Tolof – Tolof Part 20 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Jaha Spills the Bin She emptied her bowels and Minah gave her all ears. “My dad asked him many questions which he could not answer and I came to his rescue and at that time I thought my dad was acting difficult but now I know better that the old man did everything to save me. Now I know the devil but what am I going to do?” Minah She listened keenly and then said. “You have to inform dad, who else? He loves you and meant well, ‘love is blind’ syndrome made you so blind that you could not assess objectively but that has to change, now go to dad open up to him, he will call him to order and make him take you seriously as he is now taking you for granted.” Jaha She took a deep breath and sighed. She rose up and hugged her friend. “Thank you Ndebaan! I’ve greatly missed your wise counselling.” “What are friends for?” Ndebaan responded. Sir Gaalandou Joof He is a philanthropist and a wise man who talks in parables, he studied psychology and sociology and is gifted in reading peoples’ minds. He knows through investigation that his son in law is living recklessly and irresponsibly and as a result torturing his precious daughter but he refused to intervene unless invited to do so. And he also realized that Jaa was finding it difficult to report her husband whom she has defended vigorously with her honour and pride. He gave it time knowing sooner or later that Jaa will come to him. And that’s what happened exactly. Jaa She visited her dad and broke down immediately at his presence. Sir Gaa “What is happening to my Baby Girl, I hope everything is fine by you?” Jaa “Not at all Pa and please don’t laugh at me knowing my predicament.” Sir Gaa “What predicament are you talking about, have you told me? But remember, you’ve married the best man on earth?” Jaa “I’m sorry Pa, I remembered you saying ‘an elder sits on a chair and sees kilometres away while a child sees nothing climbing the tallest tree. Pa I married a beast with no conscience, he flirts with any female in different shapes, colours, sizes and creed and worst of all he tell ‘white lies’ and batters me for cover up. I am tired dad! I am tired!” She wept bitterly as dad gave her courage to fight for her love. Sir Gaa “Unacceptable! How can that low life lay his filthy fingers on my precious daughter? I see in you my late wife your mom, Baa has treaded at the Tiger’s tail and he will dearly pay for it.” Jaa felt great relief and waited for his awed father to take action to save her marriage. Burang The couple is living apart and communicate through notes. Burang continued to work for his wife but kept his distance not to clash with her but could not entirely avoid her callous punches. He does his own thing as his wife also does hers even to have intimate relation Angie Diborr has to take the lead. Burang also builds his capacity by doing courses to augment his papers. The auxiliary staff gossip behind their back. Mansata “Boss is a good man, kind, humble and generous. I understand he comes from a poor family and that’s why Madam does not respect him and treats him as thrash.” Musa He is the security guard who has worked for Dibor’s family for 15 years now and knows them very well. “It is a pompous family and Sir Augustine spoils Madam ‘patta – patta’ but elder Madam, Mama Deborah is a good Christian, a virtuous woman, very kind and generous she has medical problem and stays abroad with her elder son and family who is also very humble and kind, as for Madam Diborr she is mean and has no respect for lesser fortunate folks that’s why she could not respect her husband but Burang is a dignified man who cannot be run down by any person what so ever he has confided in me, he can leave at any given time and he wants it as a surprise package for the haughty lady.” Mansata “I am patiently waiting for that to happen. Madam Diborr is just very wicked, mean and stingy as her dad; she pays us starvation wages and works us to death. I do not wish her well because she does not care about my welfare.” Musa “Wish her well! Are you not a Muslim? Leave Allah to judge her.” Mansata nodded her head. Sir Gaa He invited Baa and he shook as a leaf as he confronts his wife. Baa “Dad calls me to see him! Have you reported me to him? Why is he calling me and with urgency?” Jaa    “How would I know? Am I in his mind? Go and find out, as the proverb goes ‘Kebba dibitiloola ning moo majay ayaa fang jaye’ (the old man in the dark if people don’t see him he sees himself.) That’s what I have to say.” Sir Gaa As soon as he enters the room Baa condescends and stoops before the witty old man. “Get up! Don’t stoop before me; I am not God as he is the only one to be stooped for. What am I hearing that you have become a ‘town champion’ flirting with any female you desire there by exposing your self and wife to all sorts of STIs including HIV and AIDS and battering my precious daughter as a punching bag? What have I not done for you to make the best thing out of your life? I was also from a poor family but when an opportunity emerged I grabbed it and made the best use out of it, that’s why I am here offering philanthropist services to the needy and I’ve already given you the best; how dare you lay your filthy hands on my precious daughter using her as a punching bag after you came home drunk?” Baa He told blatant lies and started to weep bitterly, a good actor indeed! “It is not true! Detractors are jealous of my luck of marrying into an elite, philanthropist family, how can I betray your trust in entrusting your precious jewel to me? I can never do that to my sunshine.” Sir Gaa “Are you kidding me? Do you take me as a fool considering my age and experience? I’ll get at you at an opportune time, trust my words, make hay while the sun shines is my candid advice, all what you said here are ‘white tales’ and I’ll prove you wrong, I am watching you boy! I am!” To be Cont.]]>