Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 19 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Burang He is pist off to the brick. What was he to do to save his marriage and assert his lost dignity? He decided to discuss it with his father in law Sir Augustine. “Dear Sir! Can you help me save my marriage because am losing it and I do love my wife.” Sir Augustine He is pompous, arrogant with vain pride like father like daughter people gossip behind their back. “What is your problem? Are you progressive or feeble minded? Do you realize that your wife is the boss at the office and cannot be a housewife to you at home?She is a PhD. holder with Masters in Management and an LLB in Corporate Law, what do you expect? Do your job and stop complaining and if you are dissatisfied please start looking for another Job!” Was his response after Burang laid down his complaint of disrespect and overbearing bossiness. Burang “Thank you father in law, I respect your opinion since no one argues with it.’ He left and spoke to himself. “I never took the gossip, but now I know better, like father like daughter, ‘kewel du toop doomja bota’ (the kangaroo don’t jump and the child crawl’. But I know what to do I am now resolved and will wait for the best time.” Baa Emily drained him dried while flirting with other ‘big shots’ and was never serious in the relationship. “It’s a game! Isn’t it?He will not marry me he already has a wife and I am not contented to settle for concubinage I want to marry later after my youthful project. Moreover, he is a player and cannot be a good partner, a high risk of STIs. But he is a good spender and I am not yet done with him.” She confided in Waaraj her best friend. Waaraj “Bad girl! Just take it easy on yourself.” She laughed heartily. Baa He wants to sleep with any female so far as you look appealing in his eyes. Aisha She is being described as a classic urban beauty with sophistication and has once been crown beauty queen in her campus. She uses her sexuality to attract the ‘male bees’. Baa felt into her trap that she has laid for him and she also sucked the nectar out of him. Baa established a fashion designer boutique and saloon forher and gave her money for tickets to attend international fares to showcase Gambia culture in dresses and hair styles. Aisha became a successful business woman thanks to Baa’s moral and financial support. Smart women discussed him in their ‘kabudoos’ and set traps to bleed him all the more. The list goes on Fatima, Betty as he chased them in all sizes, shapes and colours but preferring ‘light skinned’ women/girls all the more. Jahanke She lost weight drastically and society started to gossip about ither friend Aminata Ndebaan heard about it as soon as she set foot in town. She travelled to the U.K on sabbatical and also to marry her fiancé Jonathan Geeran When Minah travelled she could no longer confine in anyone but her inner self. “What am I going to do now? My marriage is in shambles and I cannot go to my dad he would say ‘didn’t I warn you; elder’s advice can tarry but will never sleep in the wild.’ Isn’t he right? I made a wrong decision to marry a flirt, liar, cheat and batterer, but the irony is I still love him and if dad should learn about my predicament my marriage is over.” Minah As soon as she step foot on Gambian soil she took a cab and went straight to her best friend Jaa she want to surprise her. A knock at the Door Jaha went to open but whom did she see? Minah laughed hilariously as Jaha looked at her as a gaping and wondering in space. Jaha “What a big surprise! You phone me yesterday but did not tell me you would be coming, all the same, come right in my good friend; I missed your company being the only pal sister ever have.” Minah After exchange of pleasantries she asked; “You have drastically lost weight is it deliberate or otherwise, how is your sunshine? Still a ‘good boy’?” Jaha She excessively shed emotional tears. But Minah coaxed her to spill the beans. Minah “Spillthe beans girl friend to make you feel real good! I am all ears what are friends for?” Jaha “Before our marriage he pretended to be a saint told me many lies but I have no cause to disbelieve him even though dad was not convince as he sees him as a dubious character and a gold digger; but being daddy’s girl when I praised him he pretended to give in just to please me and asked us to give him a grace period of one year to satisfy his inner self. I can vividly remember what he said; ‘I’ve heard both of you and can clearly see what you meant for each other you reminded me back in those golden days when I proposed to my wife her beloved mom of blessed memory; her dad the late Sir Douglass your intelligent grandfather put me to the test and said to me, ‘I’ve heard you, but give me time to assess whether you can take good care of my precious daughter.’ Youthful exuberance; I flared up and asked him for how long can I wait because I was to go back to U.K to pursue my PhD. he became very blunt. ‘As long as it takes me to do so!’ I became very angry and shattered and your mom Elnora was shattered as she wept bitterly; ‘He is my choice and there is nothing you can do about it; are you going to marry me dad?’ ‘No! But I am here to ensure that only the best will marry my only daughter, patient dog they say carry the fattest bone. Your mom have travelled and I am wearing both shoes of dad and mom. ’ I went back home to tell my dad and this was what he told me, ‘Can you be wiser than your dad?’ I nodded no, ‘The old man is right; if you love and value your woman you’ll be patient and wait for her. Moreover, you put the cart before the horse, you courted her and satisfy with your choice now come to us to go and seek for her hand in marriage, my boy that is the role of the ‘Go-Betweens’ that is our African culture, very rich indeed.’ I am applying the same logic to my future in-law, let him wait for a year for me to assess him then I’ll ask him to send his ‘Go-Betweens’. Thank you good-bye and good luck!’ To be Cont.]]>