Seyii Tolof – Part 82 EPISODE 7 (Difficult Marriages – Taking the other Spouse for Granted.)


By Amie Sillah

Kathy (Kumba)
She is from a poor struggling family her mother is a washer woman and her father a watchman and she has ten siblings none going to school; she was a brilliant girl and her mother’ madam one of the ladies she does laundry for opted to pay for her fees until she completed High School but Madame Rose has travelled to the U.S and since then she has none to help pay for her education. She is a Science Student. That is what makes her go and work as a house help in Laila Lolly’ family.
Kumba loves her work as well as the children; she does practically everything in the house, name it laundry, ironing, cooking, taking the kids studies and looking after Che’s welfare. The father and kids dotted on her and fondly call her Aunty Kums.
Lolly is happy with Kums as she also reciprocated handsomely and buys her gifts at religious feasts. She is also paid handsomely and Sundays is her off day and Lolly would give her all the left over soups and rice to take home to feed her hungry family.
Mba Jonsaba is happy with Lolly’s family as she also gives them the kids ‘used clothes (fogajaye) and any appliance that is changed but Mba Jongs would sell such luxuries because she cannot afford electricity bill.
When she receives her monthly pay she divides it into three parts, one for family welfare, and the other for her girlie needs and the rest for saving for her education.
Che pays her bonuses and asked her to save it for her education. Under Gambian standards Kums is very happy with the Taal Family.
She is saving to enter university to study Nursing and Midwifery a very ambitious girl.

She came home rushed, hugged and kissed her husband. He looked up and checked the clock.
“Look at the clock; it is very late, after 10.00p.m. The children have already gone to bed.” Che commented.
She turned to Kums and asked.
“Have the children eaten, done their home work? And what about Boss?”
“Yes ma.”
“Don’t you worry Kums has taken care of all of us.” Che posited.
“Have you taken your bath?”
Che laughed and said;
“I am waiting for you.”
“Don’t have funny ideas not now but later work is hectic you know my promotion is due this month and I have to make extra effort to succeed.”
Che gave a how for do expression and shrugged his shoulders.
“You are tolerant I don’t know what I would have done without you, your care, your love for me is genuine and exceptional I’ll make it up to you.”
“Anything for you my love!” Che responded.

Going to Work
She gave Kums instructions.
“Is the soup finished?”
“No soup in the fridge.”
“Why didn’t you tell me? Go to Boss and ask him money to go to market, do everything before Sunday your off day, do not disappoint me!”
“Did I ever disappoint you ma?”
“Never! So don’t start now.” Before she left she asked Che to visit Tenneng’s teacher.
“I don’t know she just sent me an SMS.”
She rushed out but Che called her back.
“Hi! Darling take it easy on yourself, we need you to be alive for us!” He threw her kisses and she responded.

At Sasum’s House
She visited Sue and she served her fresh food and juice.
“This is delicious I envy your culinary tricks Ken dey enjoy oh!”
“Don’t make me cry.”
“Am sorry.”
As Sue paces up and down Lolly commented.
“Should you do this? Sue you reminded me of my house girl Kums.”
Sue defended her role.
“I love my husband and my family. What I only ask for is for Ken to reciprocate my love and care.”
Lolly gave a hysteric sinister laughter.
“Does he love you that much?”
“I believe he does.”
“How? By enslaving you? He does not want you to socialize, a beautiful woman, look at your hair unkempt; you are fading by the second, giving up upon yourself, your children have gone to Paris with their grand father on vocation why didn’t you go with them to change climate? It is just like my house girl Kums asking Che to love and respect her which he cannot do because she is his servant. Don’t you see it girl friend?” Lolly agitated her friend.
“If I go who will take care of Ken? We never parted since we were married some ten years ago, we always go together to places, he does not eat out; no stale food.”
“Che tried it before but it didn’t work; I put a stop to it. I only cook break fast on Sunday and that is omelet and bread, Kums has her day off and we take our kids to their grand parents, pick them at night and come to your house for Sunday lunch.”
“I only want love, peace in my house that’s all!” Sue commented.
“Che is an angel even if I do not feel like doing it he does not fuss about it but take it in good faith; I do it at my own pace, no force, no fight;”
Sue looked surprise and reflected upon her situation when she is forcefully dragged to satisfy Ken in bed.
“In the next world if I have to marry I’ll marry Che over and over again, and for friendship I’ll choose you over and over again.” She said.
“You are in paradise girl friend but upon reflection does he not have it elsewhere if denied?”
“I swear he does not let me tell you his routine.
At 7.45 a.m. he leaves the house and takes the kids to school; he resumes office at 8.00 a.m. he works at the Ministry, from work he picks the kids from school and comes straight home; where is the time?”
“Are you sure he is always at home?”
“Why do I have the land phone girlfriend why? Guarantee! Wisdom!” She laughed.
“The food is delicious, can I take some home? You know me now I cannot stand the kitchen heat.”
She showed her the kitchen door;
“This way, follow me!”
“I’ll as long as I take the delicacy home. I’ll always pray for you so that Ken will follow his friend’s foot steps so that both of us will be happy.”
“Take me to the Marriage Counselor that’s all.” Sue requested.
“I don’t need anyone to interfere in my marriage Che is in my palms.”
“Just take me to the Counselor I definitely need her in my life.” Sue posited.
To be Cont.