Seyii Tolof – Part 102 EPISODE 9 (Difficult Marriages – Forced, Arranged Child Marriage)


By Amie Sillah

He whispered into Sorgi’s ear and he pulled back;
“What! Are you serious?” Sorgi asked.
“100%! I want to make her my wife.”   “But she is a child and her ambition is to go back to school, that’s what I promised her parents and she is looking up to it.”
“Who tell you I cannot send her to school? I’ll surely help her pursue her dreams from her matrimonial home; she will be on contraceptive until she is old enough to bear children while she completes school.”
Sorgi is not convinced that his friend will keep to his promise but he is helpless because he/she who blows the trumpet determines the tune.
“Well go now and leave me with my woman.” Antu posited as Sorgi left.

Antu asked her to draw near she did with shyness and he tried to woo her.
“Do you want to go back to school?” He asked as Jonsi became excited.

“Yes sir! That’s why I join my uncle to the city. I want to become a doctor to save children from dying at childhood.”

“Splendid that’s exactly what I want to help you achieve if you marry me.”
Jonsi pulled back;
“Marry you? But I am just a child.”
“A child? It does not matter you are a woman I’ll brush you up what is important is I’ll sent you to school to achieve your dream, what about that? You’ll not assume raising a family until you’re done with your schooling.” Antu argued. It went well with the teenager whose foresight is not far; she nodded her head as Antu drew and kissed her forehead.

Journey to the Village
They travelled with his latest jeep but as the motorable road ends Antu parked his jeep at a farm house tipping the owners to watch over the vehicle as he trekked some few kilometres to Baa Bangaly’s farm house as Jonsi led the way with Antu and Sorgi trailed behind her.
“Cars don’t come here.” Sorgi posited.
“Poverty can be seen all around through and through; isn’t it obvious? I want to give you a better life girlie!” Antu shouted at Jonsi who was too absorbed to go back to her origins she has missed her family dearly.

At the Farm
A man at his mid-sixties with a wife in her mid-forties, an older girl 18 years and a boy of 10 years met them with curious eyes; the children rushed to welcome Jonsi who excitedly whirled around the farm with them as Jaha examined her city dress and shoes with awe and excitement.
“Have you brought us goodies from the city?” Her siblings asked as she shared some sweets with them. The parents smiled as they watched the excitement but Naa is worried and her first question to Sorgi.

‘What has she done for you to bring her back so soon?”
Sorgi laughed over it as the parents greeted the stranger in his mid-fifties with curiosity.

“No sister it is okay she has not done any wrong calm down. I’ve brought you good news this man here is the answer to most of your problems he is my boss who helps me with my business which I use to sponsor your family from time to time.”
The parents relaxed and welcome Antu home and took her to the farm house.

At the farm house
Sorgi introduced his rich friend to his in-law and sister.
“As I’ve said earlier at the farm his name is Wal Antouman, a philanthropist who has helped my city business which enabled me buy stuffs from city to bring for your welfare. He has something to tell you and the news will thrill you.”

After exchanges of pleasantries he went directly to the topic.
“I travelled down to this hamlet leaving city life because I’ve seen a fresh flower in your village garden I want to pluck. In simple language I want to marry your daughter.”
The parents got startled and Baa asked;
“Which daughter are you talking about?”
“Of course! I am referring to Jonsi your daughter.”
“But she is a child too young to marry and she is not physically developed. I don’t mind if you have asked for Jaha’s hand she is fit to marry.” He posited.

“Please I came for Jonsi not Jaha whom I don’t know, my take is simple, I want to raise Jonsi’s profile, I’ll sent her to school which is her ambition which you cannot give her she’ll not be put in the family way but will be given the chance to realize her ambition by the use of contraceptive we’ll have time she is young and I am fit. My big business needs an educated wife for it to succeed.”
Antu whispered into Sorgi’ ear.

He pleaded and campaigned for his boss.
“He is the family savior and you should not lose this chance and he can also sponsor Jewru your only son.” Sorgi struck a chord which attracted Baa to play bond. The men excused themselves and went to a corner away from Naa’s hearing.

At the Corner
He gave him many bundles of D200 notes and he marveled.
“All this money for me? What can I say but thank you, your request is granted, send your emissaries and you have a wife.”

“This is just the beginning and you should expect more and I’ve vowed to sponsor your son up to university level.”
Baa stooped but he pulled him up.
“I have to respect you as my in-law from hence forth and you have to say bye-bye to poverty; I’ll also build a family duplet fit for Antu’s in –law. What about that?”
Baa was overwhelmed as he completely succumbed.

She is worried about her daughter’s age, physic and temperament as she notices meanness and arrogance in Antu’s composure but how was she to share her feelings with her husband who has been overwhelmed. As for her brother he has already been bought as he gave 100% support for his friend’s bid to marry her daughter. She waited for an opportune moment to talk sense into her husband.

To be Cont.