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Seyii T0lof – Tolof – Part 605 EPISODE 38 (Difficult Marriages –‘Xarit AK Orr’ Friendship and Betrayal)


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Step mom
She gave dad a wrong advice Maria the ‘chatt’ disagree with her mom and siblings they asked to go to her room;

“Your opinion is not needed go back to your room.”

“You have overpowered me but my opinion counts I am also a part of this family.”

He came back into the house ;
“I came back into the house to fight for my mom’ rights.” He talked to his girlfriend; 
“Will I see you tomorrow?”

“Okay I see you tomorrow.’” But she is still very angry with Collins.

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Father of Barbie
He is angry that Barbie is still dating a rebel who has defied his father;
“ You cannot marry him Collins is a rebel he has defied his father.”

He came back to his house and mom was glad to see him then she said;
“Be out of trouble be very careful.”
“Yes I’ll be very careful.” He drove away in his car.

Collins’ friend
He was his best friend before he travels to the States he went to him for help to establish something;

“I cannot do anything for you your father is a money man he can help you better than me.”

“So this is all about my mom I see okay.”

Collins’ Friend
“My hands are tight you have to understand.”

Barbie Home
Her dad took her phone refused her to communicate with Collins when he came to her home.

Barbie’ Father
“You will cease to communicate with Collins period.”

He went to his father and said;
“Thank you, you have blockage my friend for God sake don’t blockage my relationship with Barbie she is my life you are wicked,:

Step mom
Add insult to injury;
“You have raised a lion why should you spend so much on the son of  a woman you despise? It is good for you.”

He insulted his step mom:
“You are not involved in my affairs you are not his wife but a side chick “

“Why did you address my wife as that I left your mum Madame Alice is my lawful wife  I don’t mind what others are saying.”

Collins with the Sibling
He confided in them:
“Don’t you worry I’ll defy dad he could not do anything.”

Maggie and Alex
They gave courage to their brother;
“We will fight with you dad or step mom will not be able to do any evil.”

Aunty Elizabeth
She saw relatives who came for her hand in marriage;
“Bruce had gone mad he had block all roads for Collins to move ahead its okay but let him let Collins be he is hampering his life and threatening him.” 
Uncle Andrew decided to be part of the delegation to see Bruce to that effect.

He came back into the father’ house;
“You are now happy you have separated me with Barbie but I’ll move whether you like it or not.’

“Why are you raising your voice? You are talking to your father he is not your mate.”

He got angry and hit Modu; he paid back and pushed him to the settee he landed on his tommy and squeeze it Maria called for help and went and attended to him no one volunteered to help her.

The Doctor
The Doctor told him his ailment;

“You have to take care of it before it is too late.”

“Don’t tell my family I’ll take care of it before it is too late I’ needed an operation.”

“We have to do something Collins is not well.”

“That is not our business his family should do something not us.”

“That is no excuse we are also a family.”

Madame Alice
Is angry with her daughter;
“Don’t bother us with Collins go to your room and read something.”

He is at his Uncle room and crying stooping at his car his sister Maggie came and found him there she asked;

“What are you doing here all alone and crying?”


“No! It is something what are you doing outside all by yourself crying you still said its nothing? It is something I’ll talk to mom.”

“No! Don’t go to mom she will make it great it’s about dad and Barbie I love Barbie dad spoilt her father’ mind and he is stopping Barbie from seeing me and we have gone a long way I  cannot leave her now.”

“Barbie you shall have dad cannot do anything I shall not tell mom stop crying you are a strong man.”

Uncle Dave
He is not happy with the relation between Bruce and Collins;
“We are to assemble all the relatives and we go to Bruce he has to make peace with his eldest son and the other siblings; with his wife it is up to him but his blood children he has to make peace with them.”
To be Cont.

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