Sergeant Dinka testifies in alleged rapist, robber trial


By Yankuba Jallow

A police sergeant has testified in the criminal trial involving one Ismaila Ndong, who was accused of rape, robbery and robbery with violence.

Sergeant Modou Dinka on Wednesday testified before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the high court.

In October 2020, Dinka will be 20 in the police work. He testified that on the 8th December 2019, RSM Musa Corr ordered him to lead a team of six and establish a checkpoint between Mile 7 and Jeshwang in search of a taxi driver who was suspected of rape and robbery of women at night whenever he carries them on a town-trip.

He said while at the checkpoint they saw a vehicle was coming from the Traffic Light heading to Sting Corner. Dinka testified that when the vehicle was stopped and a search was conducted, they found out the vehicle has the description that their RSM gave them when briefing them regarding the inner decoration of the vehicle. He said the vehicle was a Mercedes Benz painted yellow and green for taxi use with the registration number of BJL 4176.

He said in the taxi, they found a cloth spread on the dashboard with multi-colours and a hat with multi-colours. He told that the court that the driver was having dreadlocks as described by their RSM. He said the registration number of the vehicle was BJL 4176.

The witness said the vehicle was escorted to Banjul to drop the passengers and was escorted back to the Anti-Crime Unit headquarters in Bijilo. He said he was asked to give his statement which he did.