Some Personalities Are Without Universal Radars


Gambia has passed the stage where people use social pressure to enhance or hinder social values. Values require education. Those who are convinced of the goodness of their social values could never be threatened by those who harbour diametrically opposed values. Instead they would employ dialogue to promote their values.

Gambians must avoid being vocal when they are in home turf and silent when they are abroad. A person with mature and good universal values would be able to perpetuate those values everywhere in the world without being isolated.

Hundreds of thousands of Gambians are living in two worlds .Those who opportunistically wish to build their political kingdom in the Gambia by appealing to parochial sentiments may find it difficult to be partnered by their compatriots in the diaspora who are exposed to a culture that is not their own making.

How to build cultural resilience based on invincible universal values   is a challenge of the twenty first century that could only be addressed by people with high grade knowledge and moral integrity.

The best way to promote relationship between man and woman is to build everlasting family lives based on care, security, love and happiness that one could offer as examples for others to follow. Those who abandon the ethics of caring and sharing with their partners have no moral authority to preach the virtues of family life between man and woman.