Friday, December 3, 2021

Secco Managers Demand 25 Percent Commission GGC MD Responds


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Abdoulai G. Dibba

Secco Managers (Buying Points), have lamented the delay of paying their 25 percent commission from the National Food Security, Processing and Marketing Corporation or former GGC, which the latter usually retain until the Seccos Managers reconcile their books with them.

The Secco Managers within the Barra, Kerewan, Kaur and Kuntuar Depot circles, informed this reporter that even though they have reconciled their books with the National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation a month ago, they are yet to receive their 25 percent commission retained by them; that any time they ask the Corporation for this, they will always refer them to the following week on end. This information from the Secco Managers prompted this reporter to contact the Managing Director of the National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation on Tuesday 22nd May, to shed light on the issue.

According to Mr. Anthony Carvalho, they have already reconciled with the Cooperative Primary Marketing Societies (Seccos) and they know what to pay each Secco.

He however said they are engage in an exercise in which to inform farmers through a press release that if they are owed any amount of money by their Secco Managers, they should report the matter to their nearest depot with a documentary evidence to prove that they are owed such monies.

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MD Carvalho asserted that after this exercise, which they hope to conclude by the 27th of May 2018, any farmer who is owed by a Secco Manager, we will be paid and the balance if any, will be given to the Secco Managers.

“Cooperative Primary Marketing Societies (Seccos) should therefore expect their 25 percent commission any time after the 27th of May 2018,” MD Carvalho concluded.

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