Sanyang Riot: VP Touray Promises Gov’t Will Follow Due Process


By Ndey Sowe

The Vice President of The Gambia, Dr. Isatou Touray, has given assurance to the media that due process of the law will be followed in the Sanyang incident that resulted in the death of one Gibril Ceesay.

“This is not going to be left like that. The deceased is going to be dealt with and all other vandalisms and destruction that have been done will also go along the law,” she said.

VP Touray made the remarks shortly after a courtesy call meeting between the Senegalese’s Fisheries Minster and Gambia’s Fisheries Minster on Friday morning at her office in Banjul.

The visit was prompted by the recent incident that happened at Sanyang village. It is also meant for the two ministries to look for ways in the development of both countries’ fisheries sector.

Madam Touray said due process of the law must hold, while urging people not to take the law into their own hands.

“In democracy the rule of law is very critical and important. The Gambia is emerging from a dictatorship where the law was taken in the hands of one person and causing atrocities,” she said.

Touray said their government cannot afford to do that, saying when a state is democratic, the rule of law must hold and that is what is going to happen in this case. She also said some people took the occasion to loot and destroy some of the possession of Gambians and attempted to attack the Senegalese.

Madam Touray said it was the responsibility of the security forces to protect those Senegalese because they are innocent people who are living in The Gambia.

“Crime is a crime. It could be a Gambian; it could be a non-Gambian or any nationality or gender. When this happens, we must allow the rule of law but should not allow us to go start thinking attack,” she said.

Touray implored on Gambians, especially the youth, to understand that The Gambia has changed and it is changing for good.

“We want a better Gambia for everyone. We must not allow people attacking randomly or using opportunity where there is crisis to take the opportunity to destroy property or attack individuals who are very innocent,” she advised.

VP Touray said her government is trying everythin possible to allow democracy to strive. Thus, she advised people not to abuse the law by taking it into their own hands.

She reiterated that people should allow the law to take it due course so that there will a peaceful Gambia, in order to have a country where there will be accountability, transparency, and also the application of the law rather than acting aggressively and destroying properties and engaging into un-acceptable behavior.

“Crime is crime and nobody is going to condone the crime and we are going to follow the due process,” she said.