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Saayii Tolof – Tolof – Part 176 EPISODE 14 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Wahtaan Chi Saaye)


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At Home
Wor came home very moody. Daygou served him food and sat at the dining table. As she prayed over the food, she noticed that he is not eating and then she asked,
“Why are you not eating your food?”   “I am not hungry,” responded Wor.
“Okay, if something is bothering you I am here, your wife, a problem shared is half solved and I am all ears when you are ready to talk. Love it is said conquers all.”
“How can you ask me whether I am okay? How can I be okay with you like this? How can I eat when you made me lose my appetite?”

At the Relaxation
Wor went to the Relax Resort and Chokerr also noticed his mood and then asked,
“What is eating you up? What is your problem?”
“No problem at all!”
“Then you are part of your problem.”
“Sit down my friend, my love for Daygou is dying, she has killed my love.”
“When did you notice the change?”
“Some five years ago when she lost her mom and the doctor told her she cannot conceive again if she wants to live. It was then that she started to lose interest in life itself.”
“What did you do to help her out?”
“Absolutely, nothing! But now I have a way out to add spice to my life.”

At Club D.K
Worsack visited Club D.K and met Daamel performing on stage, a totally different person from the person he met on the road. She thrilled the guests with her performance and when Wor entered the club the same feeling overwhelmed him until he forgot his troubles.
When the show was over, she went to meet Worsack.
“How is business?”
“Business of life is bad.”
“God forbid! Don’t say that again. Can we go for drink? All sorts of local drink are available as we are trying to promote our own local products. We have gone green and are encouraging our customers to eat green and be healthy. We are also discouraging alcohol and unruly behavior here.”
“That is great! Tomorrow I’m inviting you for an outing.”
“Where to?”
“To my office.”
“Your office? That is a most unlikely place.” D.K posited.
“Anyway, it is going to be very exciting.”

The Office Date
 Wor went to collect her from home and on the way they chatted to know each other. D.K described her type of men and said Worsack is the wittiest and the most interesting of them all.
“We are a wonderful pair as we many things in common,” Daamel posited.
At the Office, D.K settled down and sang and danced for him. He was amused as they drank local juice from her shop. He praised her and said he has made his day.
“It is reciprocal. You’ve also made my day,” responded D.K.

At Daamel’s Home
When they arrived, D.K asked him to come in for a cup of tea and he agreed.
 “Welcome to my humble abode!
 “Thank you! You have a beautiful simple house. I like your taste.”
“Thank you!”
She brought him coffee and asked for his excuse to go and take bath before serving dinner.
“I have to freshen up before serving dinner, excuse me.”
“You are welcome.” D.K put on a sexy house coat which caught the eye of Wor. He was attracted to her and in his mind he started comparing her to Day.
“This is the sexy woman that can attract her man to herself,’ he said in his mind.
D.K came out and served him dinner while smelling a perfect romantic perfume which pleased him. She went back to dress up for dinner, but before she left she asked him:   “Are you married? And who is the lucky lady? Your frown means you are not happy.”
“I’m happy,” he said hesitantly but managed to murmur, adding “I’m the most married bachelor!” D.K smiled and said;
“What is that one now? Worsack will kill me with laughter and sarcasm but I like it. I like you. I’ll be with you in a jiffy.”
“Take your time and be at your best. I love it.”
As Wor started to eat, he suddenly jumped up and said;
“No! No! No! I cannot fall for this calculated trap. I have to leave.”

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Worsack went out and drove away in a jiffy.
D.K put on a sexy home wear but when she returned she did not find him in the sitting room. She went to the bathroom to search for him but he was not there.

“What have I said? Did I offend him?” she asked herself.

She was disappointed.
“Was I not too open which scared the life out of him after living with a dumb of a wife as he described her?’ She started to eat her dinner but could not as she suddenly lost her appetite.

At Wor’s Home
    “Back to the graveyard as he said to himself; the two houses so different because of their occupants, one full of life and the other dead!”

Day was in bed and she got up as soon as Wor entered the house. She greeted him.
“You are back?” he murmured.


She was draped in her old blouse and wrapper tied under her armpits.

Then he sololiqued;
“Look at her not in a sexy night dress as D.K. She does not take bath before going to bed and is dirty and smells. How can she expect me to hug and kiss her? God forbid!”
“What is it and why are you looking at me in that way?” she asked.

She got up from the bed and held his shoulders.
“Is business bad?”
“Yes, the business of life!”
“Don’t ever say such a thing as a person of faithful. God forbids such remarks! Your food is on the dining table. Let me go and prepare for you a warm bath and then give you a good massage,” she said smiling in order to cheer him up.

He examined her and said to himself:
“This is not what I want from you, stone woman.”

He opened his mouth wanting to say something but suddenly closed his mouth.
“Speak out. Don’t hide your feelings from me. I can feel it but cannot help if you are not open.”
“It’s okay!” he said. But on second thought he asked;
“Have you taken your bath tonight?”
She hesitated for a little and then responded:
“I’ll take bath after serving you your food.”
“Which goes first, the horse or the cart? Take your bath, put on a perfume and serve me food. What about that?”
“You take life seriously. I’ll not do any ceremony in serving my husband food. Eat and enjoy, I can take bath at any time, my husband.’
Wor hissed and gave her a stern judgmental look.
She examined herself and saw nothing wrong.
“I’ll ignore Mr. Complain, there is nothing wrong in what I am wearing,” she said.
  To be Cont.


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