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Saayii Tolof Part 452 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’ Mother-in-Law ‘Gorro’ Step-Son ‘Dommi Jitle’)


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At the Lawyer’ Office
The Shocking Information
“It is a conspiracy and Burang is involved.” Lawyer George told Jo-Jo who was flabbergasted.

“This Burang again? He is a monster that family is diabolical they hate Ken with a passion Lolly has to know this but I am worried she is not picking her calls I have to visit the home to give this vital information.”

A Visit to the House
Joe visited the house and asked after Lolly Paapa came out and told him Burang got her arrested.

“What do you say Paapa? Burang got Lolly arrested for what now? He squandered her husband’ properties, involved in a conspiracy concerning Ken’ disappearance and now got Lolly arrested, what is happening Paapa? I can’t understand.”

He came out when he heard Joe’ voice and went into tantrums;
“Who are you and why are you so involved into our family business? Are you Lolly’ attorney and her guardian angel? We have discovered you are you not flirting with your best pal wife?”

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He took an offence;
“Burang you are diabolical and shameless who are you to accuse me falsely? You conspired to get rid of your brother and benefactor, you squandered his wealth and is now frustrating and maligning his wife, shame on you! You are beyond redemption; are you not ashamed of yourself lazy bone? You are a man go and make your own money lazy parasite!”

He went into his room and brought a machete and ran towards Joe;
“Get out of our home before I cut you into pieces!” He went into tantrums.

“If you charge onto me I’ll ensure you spent the rest of your miserable life in jail shameless beast!”

Paapa Taa
He scolded Burang and forced him into the house while he coaxed Joe to leave;
“My son go to the police station and bail Lolly she is innocent and has not done any wrong.”

At Mam Mbissine’ Home
As usual Lolly’ in laws are always right his sister has to succumb;
“Her in-laws are doing her a favour Lolly is too proud she should understand her class and take it easy now that Ken her pillar of strength is no more.’

Mam Mbissine
“Stop talking rubbish don’t annoy me they have done her no favour they are parasites and selfish people Lolly will stand against them for her husband she has self-esteem and self-respect unlike people who see themselves as no-body I have faith in my daughter; you give us negative energy if you talk please excuse us we only need positive energy.”
Yadicone hissed and left.

At Paapa Taa’ Home
Mam Butorr paid Lolly a visit she met Maama at the garden she greeted her and asked after her friend.

She responded positively and said;
“Let me go and call her for you.” M.B thanked her.

Paapa came out and greeted her nicely.

The Shock
Maama came out with a bucket of dirty water and poured it onto M.B she screamed;

Mam Butorr
She screamed;
“What have I done to you Maama? Why did you pour filthy water unto my designer dress? What a cheek!”

Maama Njemeh
“Are you asking me? Get out of my house you are the evil friends that mislead useless people like Lolly meet her at your house, shop or her mother’ wretched house.” She yelled at the gateman, “Open gate for her and be quick about it I don’t want to see such horrible face in my home again.”

Paapa Taa
He is angry and highly disappointed with Maama;
“How can you do this to this highly respected young lady I am deeply disappointed.’ He hissed.

Maama Njemeh
“I am depressed.” She mocked Paapa and went into her room happy with what she has done.

At the Police Station
Joe accompanied by lawyer George went to bail Lolly they found the police maltreating some people at the cell and Joe said;

“Don’t these people know torture is a crime the Government should sign the Anti-Torture Convention.”

At Paapa’ Home
There was a Family Meeting
“Burang is selling Ken’ properties with impunity but I’ve taken an inventory and has taken note and at the appropriate time he’ll account for every dime he has squandered.”

“Who are you to object to what I am doing? Barren woman do you have an issue with him especially a son? After the ‘mirase’ you are going back to your wretched father’ home.”

Maama Njemeh
“Lolly you are a nuisance, a pest you are not needed here.”

Paapa Taa
“You are all uttering nonsense Lolly is a full member of the house and has come home to stay even after the ‘mirase’ unless if she wants her privacy which will be her choice. You are a man go out there and make your money the property is not yours but your brother’ stop selling Ken’ property.”

“The restricting order is still valid if you sell any other property is theft and you’ll be going to jail.”
Burang wanted to go and fight her but Lolly was ready for him;
“I’ll not fight you again but will report you to my lawyer and he’ll take action for assault and you’ll go to jail vagabond!”

“Do you hear him daddy insulting me I’ll beat her blue black.”

Paapa Taa
“Assault her and see what the law will do to you.”
To be Cont.

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