Friday, December 3, 2021

FARABA COMMISSION: PIU Officers Continue Their Testimonies In Camera


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Sitting continues to be held at the Faraba Banta Commission. At yesterday’s sittings, the Chairperson of the Commission Emmanuel Joof, ordered people to step aside in favour of the daughter of Jung Conteh, who feared to speak in public. After vacating the room as ordered by Commission Chairperson Emmanuel Joof, it was found that someone was recording with his phone that was left inside the room. Commission Chairperson Emmanuel Joof, warned that limitations made by Commissioners should be respected; that sittings were open to all except for the ones done in camera.

Commission Chairperson Joof reiterated that once everybody is asked to leave, they should all do, without causing any damage to the reputation and integrity of the Commission. This however led Commissioners to decide about the conduct of the person. His phone was confiscated and he was sent away. It was further put to him that he could have sent to Mile 2 prisons, for tampering with the Laws of the Commission, but decided for him to be called to appear before them any time, if needed.

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