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Saayii Tolof – Part 222 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Doom Ju Gorr – Male Child Factor)


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 He summoned my best friend Sai to get facts from her;
“If you want to know a person get to his/her friend.” He struggled to say.

She answered to the call while I went to the market.
“Baaba here I am I was told that you sent for me.”
He struggled to answer her;
“Yes I call for you I have trust in you since you befriended my wife when you were small girls; in the name of God I want the truth from you. Can you testify that Nene’ boys are mine?”

She hesitated and tumbled at her words;
“Yes! They are your children sir, Nene’ sons are yours.” She panicked.

Struggling he emphasized;
“Can you swear an oath to that fact?”
Sai trembled and fumbled over her words and finally the truth came out;
“I am very sorry that I lied to you Nene’ sons are not yours but Champs.”
“What!” Baaba struggled for breath and asked for water which Sai gave then ran away he was shocked to death.

The friends
 As she ran out she met me at the T Junction and stopped to greet me but I shut her off;
“Don’t greet me again didn’t I tell you? Don’t you have shame? I hate you and am going for my pound of flesh be prepared for me I’ll get you.”

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 “So this is it! Are you still at me? What is my offence? I had fun with Champs that made me feel like a woman you and others even though married have fun freely with him what about me an unmarried, childless widow? This is not a big deal. You cannot be serious and I’ve seen that you have taken this very far but I am equal to the task bumper to bumper I am also ready for you.”

At Sukurat
Baaba is dying with shame with the shock of his beloved wife who flirted with Champs to bear him illegal sons.
Baaba wept bitterly
“My beloved wife! Look at how she betrayed and make nonsense of my pride and dignity? I never press on her for so-called male issues, I don’t care my girls are my jewel but look at how she had stoop so low to flirt with Champs a man of impeccable character!” He grunted and struggled for breath.

I came and found him in that sorry state and rushed to help him;
“My husband! What is happening to you?”
“Bring me some water I am dying with thirst.”
I rushed to get him water and stood to nurse him and he uttered some shocking, truthful words into my being which made me ashamed.

Baaba’ Last Words
“Nene you betrayed my trust slept with Champs to deceive me with so-called valued male issues, I did not get it! I cared for you, protected you and did everything to make you happy but you prefer to bow to pressure and did atrocities on our marriage vows, all my children and those I don’t biologically own will be blessed and will be successful in life but you’ll not enjoy their success, sorrow shall be your companion and you’ll die a miserable death.”
He then turned his eyes towards the wall and peacefully passed on.

 “I am sorry my husband, my evil friend Sai whom you trusted pressurize me to do it am sorry!” I then closely watched Baaba and found all his limbs shagged and drooped I checked his pulse and there was no pulse then I screamed and neighbours swelled our house I cried my heart out;
“He is gone! My husband and friend is gone! What am I going to do with our children?” I screamed then neighbours and friends cheered and counseled me.

 He was the first friend to come and he consoled and counseled me;
“You are now both parents to your children now weep but also be cautious not to harm yourself, accept my sympathy for my friend he loved you without fault be strong for him to take care of the children.”

 She came and I snubbed her which neighbours noticed and gossiped about.

“Did you notice what I notice?” Kendaka asked Saptieu.
“What did you notice Kongosa?” Saptieu asked when they left the funeral home.
“Nene completely ignored her best friend as if she does not exist what is responsible? The duo were like sugar in water.” Ken posited.
“Nene is bereaved she lost her best friend and husband just look at how Baaba protected her from the beastly attack of family, friends and society when she was not blessed with male issues.” Sap reasoned.
“But that does not warrant her to snub her best friend and pal who had always been there for her.” Ken said.
“There is more than meet the eyes.” Ken continued.
None of us myself and Sai clarify anything and therefore left society to speculate.

Revenge it is said is sweet when it is cold I went to the same shrine she took me to take revenge on Saitane.

At the Shrine
I met the Chief Priest and told him my mission;
“Somebody put sand into my ‘chere and sauce’ and I want revenge.”
Chief Priest
“What do you want me to do? Made the person mad or to die?”
“To die! I don’t want the person to live to tell the story of her betrayal of what we held as a grave secret.”
“Consider it done.”
He gave me some solution and powder to be sprinkled upon her food/water and also upon her door. I did as instructed.

 She came home to her house and as she stepped upon the solution and powder she slumped upon the ground and met her instant demise.
I was thrilled;
“It served her right no one dares the tigress and live to tell the story.” I boasted.
That was the end of the life of a wicked soul who cajoled me to commit such atrocities on a gentle soul my husband Baaba. I lived with that secret guilt up to now.

My First Daughter Dego
She cried and blamed me for committing such atrocities on dad who was so harmless and did everything to honour and made his family happy.
“Why mother? Why? Why did you offer yourself to the devil? These are the wages of sin and unfortunately your sons have to suffer for your atrocities to the family.”

 “Pastor help us now relieve my three husbands who have done nothing but are suffering due to mama’ atrocities.”

 He asked mama to accept Jesus as her lord and savior and she did as she repeat the Pastor’ words.
To be Cont.


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