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Saayii Tolof – Part 220 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Doom Ju Gorr – Male Child Factor)


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He was always the perfect husband and father to our children and he refused to discriminate against our girls who were second to none. I over pampered our first son and he ignored me and continued what he was doing, I over reacted and protested but to no avail.   “You hate my son but I love him more than my daughters who will marry away and leave me with my son who will marry a wife and bring her to come and help me.”
“I don’t care about your obsession with a male issue as with the rest of society but my stance is unshaken I respect my girls and they will be second to none.”
I sobbed bitterly with guilt still wondering whether he suspected me.

The Birth of the Twins (Esau and Jacob – Ousainou and Hassan)
I was thrilled and can boast of three male children again the ceremony was two in one two bulls slaughtered with two sheep and lots of chicken neighbours, friends, relatives far and wide came in to grace the occasion.
The in-laws praised me and I was decked in gold and other precious metals high notes pinned upon every dress I changed for the occasion which I now call vanity.
Both Champs and Sai attended, Sai whispered into my ears,
“Didn’t I tell you he’s equal to the task bravo for accepting and fully doing what is right for your family.”

I did not see him for a month as I was busy nursing my precious twins who were handsome and plummy neighbours, friends and relatives talked about their healthy state and I was thrilled.
Through Sai Champs made our usual arrangement and I met him when my husband went out leaving the twins with their nanny a niece to Baaba who volunteered for us to just give her a token while she babysit for us.
We finally met at Sai’ and he protested,
“Didn’t I tell you I am the champion and have done it for many couples around this area and I was adequately compensated for stabilizing their marriages but as for you what did you offer me? No gift nothing instead you sometimes snub me.” He then started to caress my body.
“What do you mean? How should I pay you back? Do you want to give me money or other things?”
He laughed heartily and said;
“I want you in tutu because I can give you what Baaba cannot I miss you badly and I am starving give it to me right now.” I became a slave to his lust and libido.
I hesitated,
“But I am nursing the twins and cannot have it with you until they are weaned in 18 months’ time.”
“That is nonsense it is not scientific we will have it and nothing will happen to them I’ll use protection for us so that you’ll not be pregnant you now know me as a sharp shooter.”
I wanted it badly and could not resist him so we did it gratifying each other.
“I am here for you and you should also reciprocate.” I concurred.
Meanwhile Baaba stick to the traditional calendar no contact until the babies are weaned. ‘Dry eye cover shame’ I am no longer bothered Champs gives me satisfaction and what Baaba cannot give, male issues! ‘Dry eye cover shame’ I no longer care since I have three male children and has been absolved by my husband’ family who no longer complain about my lack of male issues. I enjoy false gratification until I meet my nemesis.

She lamented her situation in soliloquy;
“I am a widow who has no issue with my dead husband and his family castigated me and called me a witch who has eaten all her unborn kids. Since then I am not married but have boy- friends but I am still young and can bear kids with or without a husband. I think I now know who can offer me help to achieve my aim.”

He is one of Sai’ boyfriends who wanted to remarry her but she rejected him;
“My basket cannot fit under your bed go and make lot of money like your blessed mates before you come to ask for my hand in marriage.” She hissed at him.
“You are a beautiful damsel but beauty cannot last make hay while the sun shines.” Omaru advised.
He met Champs and asked him to speak to his friend;
“Speak to Sai she listens to you I want to marry her and made her my third wife and I can promise you she’ll be the favourite because she is very good at everything.”
“I’ve heard you but remember she is strong woman of her own but what are friends for? I’ll do my best.”

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He met me taking my boys to school and he stood to admire them;
“Look how cute they are, I love them all and can still supply you some more.”
I sternly looked at him without saying a word and he took out some hundred dalasi notes and put a note into each child’s hand.
“You’ll be great people doctors and engineers.”
“Thank you uncle.” The three brothers said.
“They are well behaved and I like that.”

At the Vous
Villagers are gossiping about me as some have seen me many a times talking to Champs who has a bad reputation in the area known to be a womanizer doing debauchery with women married/unmarried. We past and some young men started to gossip about us.
“Look at the she-devils! They are hiding while their atrocities are exposed over the air; they are into dubious things but sooner than later the wind would blow up the hen’s back side.”

   He was playing draught with Omaru his best friend but all his ears were pinned to the young men who gossiped about his wife and her friend. He is very unhappy about what he heard but refused to discuss it with his best pal.
Since the discussion he started for the first time to doubt the sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness of his wife.

Baaba came home sad and has lost his appetite when I brought his food he did not touch it for the first time in our marriage;
“What is it my husband? You did not touch your food, why?”
To be cont.

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