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Saayii Tolof – Part 212 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Domm Ju Gorr –Male Child Factor)


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 Nene remembered Sanye who always come to fight her at her matrimonial home and her loyal husband always fought back at her side.   “Nene has wrapped you around her waist but I’ll take you for deliverance ‘Luu teng-teng raye-raye teng-teng dopaco’.”
“But now thank God since the court decision peace has reigned and now she has distanced herself from us and from our home,” Nene posited.

She is at home to confuse her friend; she came to visit her and found Baaba Fara with some visitors.
She asked after her friend Nene;
“But she has just gone with the children I thought she was with you.”
“No they are not, I’m leaving but when she comes tell her I’ve visited to look after them.”
“Okay I’ll.”
She examined the visitors then left.
She phoned Nene to come for urgent news and she did:
“I have been vindicated.”
“How? I don’t understand.”
“Baaba’s relatives are finding a new bride for him who will bear him male children.”
Nene laughed heartily:
“Are you kidding me? Tell me it is not true. Baaba cannot do that.” Nene flatly denied the allegation.
Saitane continued,
“Did he tell you he has some visitors?”
Nene answered in the negative.
“Oh! Have you seen now? Open your eyes and smell the coffee!”

The Rumour is confirmed
  As the duo walked and gossiped they saw Baaba at Sanye residence with two teenagers a boy and a girl intimately talking to them.
The duo ran and took shelter and saw everything from a distance.
Nene became flabbergasted with disbelief.
“Didn’t I tell you? Make hay while the sun shines; you have to act fast before it is too late.” Nene’s resolve became shaken and she now realised how vulnerable she can become.
“Act fast you say but how can I do that?”
“Leave it to me. Oh I can and will do something about it.”

The Rendez Vous
The duo waited for the champion but Nene is still uneasy.
“What I am about to do is traditionally unacceptable and has some repercussions, are you sure your champion can deliver?”
“Of course he has fathered seven sons with his wife and has done it for many other women who wanted to save their marriage, I am very sure of that. Just relax and leave everything to me.”

The Champion
    He came a bit late with some explanation;
“I am very sorry for being late due to unforeseeable circumstances but all the same I’ve managed to come.” He greeted the duo and Saitane left them alone as she stood at a distance and keep vigil for them she saw Nene panicky but she nodded her head in approval.
“Just relax I am here to help you as I’ve done for many people before you, it will be a top secret to protect your marriage. God has given me the talent of producing healthy baby boys,” he posited.
“I am doing this to protect my marriage but I love my husband very much and he has been loving and caring to me and does not fuss about the gender of our kids but his extended family do and I’m not sure whether they can overcome him someday with black assurance.”
“That is very right, I also love my wife very much but I’m doing it just to help preserve your marriage. Saitane is my bosom friend so when she asked me to help I obliged.”
“Okay I’ll further reflect upon it because it is a heavy burden which I’ve never done before. All the same I’ll pass my message through Saitane.” She ran away, Saitane pursuing her as Campion Nyaalo danced with excitement and joy.

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 He came home and found an empty house with the children all alone.
Dego came out and the other three sisters followed her, they embraced dad and he asked them about their mom.
“Where is your mom?”
“She went to Aunty Sai.”
“Have you eaten?”
“No we have not,”
He went to the kitchen and served them food.

 She came and found the kids asleep then she tiptoed and found Baaba wide awake.
“Where have you been? You left an empty house, the children returned from school unattended to. I came back and served them food, have you not failed in your duty?”
“I am very sorry my husband, I went with Sai to collect my debts and some of the people were not there and I had to wait for them before I realised it was already late. It will not happen again.”
Baaba protested and was very angry but when Nene apologised he softened and forgave her, again with some counseling:
“Be focused and make the family first, our children are our assets and we should not play with their welfare but I have forgiven you.”
She felt bad that she had to lie to cover up her tracks.

Has she tasted the forbidden fruit?
She again left home when her husband was away. The duo met at Sai’s house but when they were about to commit the act Nene reflected and rushed out to the disappointment of Champs who protested.
“Your friend has really offended me why should she get me heated and rushed out before I acted?”
“Be patient it is new to her, she has never done such a thing and it is difficult as a first timer.”
The duo did meet again but has she tasted the forbidden fruit?  Time will tell.

Time Goes On
 Contan the first boy graduated and worked for a private company. His boss Master Gillen dotted on him and he rose up in the ranks and before he retired he called Contan and promoted him to his position as the General Manager while Gillen remains the Chairman of the company. Contan was overwhelmed because there were some colleagues who preceded him in the job.

 He was his senior so when Con announced his promotion he was very angry and cannot masked his feeling.
He danced and rejoiced before showing him his letter.
“Boy look!” He showed him his promotion letter.
“What! This is promotion.” He frowned.
“Will you not congratulate me?”
“Congratulations!” With a forced smile but when he left he clenched his fist and swore:
“This is unfair I’ll not take it lightly, is it not favouritism? We shall see what happens.”
To be Cont.


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