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Saayii Tolof – Part 209 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


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Bangi is back from a business trip
    Xalis is well prepared for her husband, everywhere was romantic and sexy especially the bedroom and bed full of nice fragrant. She went out to have a perfume bath, when she came back Bangi laid flat on the bed and was snoring heavily.   She shed emotional tears and exclaimed:
“What! What sort of man is this, a log?” Xalis is sad and disappointed.
In the morning she became very cold towards her husband, sad and frustrated.

Buge Val
 She is in her ecstatic world stepping on toes and refusing to be guided by wisdom as she was already warned by a fierce rival Panka. She went on a shopping spree with Pete and they bought many things for self, friends and family. Pete treats her as a Queen and she loves every bit of it.

   She went to bed very early and Bangi came in with some gift to appease her. As he woke her up he said:
“Mamy very sorry for last night car key and a trinket box of precious stones for you and enjoy life, sorry very tired.”
She exploded into many emotions as she wept bitterly and regretted her silly abortion:
“Allah is punishing my past action I have sinned against man and God, I don’t need any expensive gift from you, what I need is a child even one, I need a child, one child, my biological clock is ticking away, I want to enjoy the joy of motherhood.” She tightly held her husband’s hand.
Bangi explained with difficulty:
“Mamy understanding Allah give picking and Insha Allah he’ll give.”

Xalis stuffed her tommy and pretended she is pregnant and checking herself in the mirror. She cried bitterly blaming herself for the blunder.

The trick
 She served him his favourite food and beverage, he slumbered and she dragged him to bed and made love to him. She is happy and slept peacefully; Bangi woke up in cold sweat examined himself then exclaimed:
“What!” He woke up Xalis and asked:
“What doing Mamy? Am finishing!”
Xalis mocked at him:
“You’ve starved me for long, I’ve taken what rightfully belongs to me, am I not a woman?”
Bangi is worried about the consequences of her action.

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Her Woes
 Xalis’ woes started, she saw her period and thick offensive blood oozing out.

Seeks for help
Bangi went back to his friend who took him to the shrine and the Chief Priest reprimanded him:
   “Why did you allow it to happen when you were warned of serious consequences?”
He pleaded and asked for forgiveness;
“Na me wife, young suffering waited for intimacy drugged food and commit it, forgive am a young lady cannot play around if not for madness.”
“The blunder is done and she has to face the consequences, where you not warned?”
Bangi cried but to no avail.

Problem intensifies
The problem intensified and the offensive smell was unbearable Xalis tried all types of perfume but the smell refused to go Bangi took her back to clinic doctor examined her and found nothing wrong he gave her more drugs and discharged her to return home.

The Vanity Fair
Chairlady came for her, she welcomed Wor but she smelled some offensive smell and asked:
“Did a rat/mouse die in your house?” Xalis pretended;
“May be let me get the house help to come search and mop it up.”
“You better do it is horrible.” She took out her freshener and sprayed the place as Xalis went up into her room to change used many sprays got satisfied  prayed and came down she found Wor enjoying her music from her phone Xalis then said;
“Get up! Are we set?”
But as she was about to get up the offensive smell came from Xalis and Wor protested:
“Are you telling me the truth? The same offensive smell engulfed the room as you came down; and it is coming from you what has happened?”
Xalis broke down and wept bitterly;
“I don’t know.”
“For how long now?”
“About a fortnight, seen doctor and he said nothing is physically wrong, I have used different types of strong sprays but to no avail, I am very tired, and what am I going to do?”
“There is no way I can go with you with this strong offensive smell, it is disgusting, give me a break and take good care of yourself before it gets worst.”

She is devastated
 She was left all alone brooding over her predicament, she kept spraying her body all over and lamenting. She went back to the clinic and was given more drugs but to no avail. She was a walking decaying corpse maggots coming out of her body.

 He went back to his friend and asked him to offer solution.
“I cannot, this is a done deal, let her die and you remarry,” Don advised with callousness.
“I cannot let her dying, young pretty wife, pity her.”

Buge Val
As they drove in town with Pete their car was intercepted and both of them forced down as a group of men dragged Pete and beat him blue/black as for Buge another group took big sticks and broke her four limps while they left them helplessly to die. A good Samaritan called an ambulance and the duo were rushed to hospital.

In Clinic
Mama, Musu and Mo rushed to the clinic and a nurse came and asked Mo to follow her to Doctor’s office which he did.

To be continued


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