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Saayii Tolof – Part 208 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


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Xalis added more pressure and finally he has to yield. He went to visit his friend Hamdulai to take him to the Shrine.

At the Shrine
 The Chief Priest gave him conditions with some herbs, he was not to have intimacy with the wife for a period of 3 years.   “What! Dat na too much O me wife young and me people taboo wife to play around if not eday get madness,” Bangi explained.
“What are you trying to say? How can that be in this modern day and age?” Hamdulai questioned.
“You no belief but na true me brother’s wife play around and ran madness up to now, now,” Bangi iterated.
“Well that’s the price to pay for success, are you ready to undertake the risk?”
He kept quiet for some minutes, then shook his head:
“No get choice, go do am.”
The Chief Priest told him the dos and don’ts and he agreed in principle and the duo left.

Three Months later
  Insurance on his ship was paid and all his properties recovered as he cleared his debts from the banks. The couple returned to gentry and the extravaganza went unabated.

The Shock
 Prior to this Xalis did not know that things have come around and she was still depressed. Bangi took a taxi and told her that they were going somewhere and he suddenly stopped in front of a mansion, paid the taxi and asked her to come down.
She hesitated,
“Why should I come down and do what?”
“Just come down you’ll soon know why.” She hesitantly came down and wondered what was happening. Bangi paid the cab and asked Xalis to enter the compound which still stunned her as she timidly followed him into the compound.
“What am I doing here at somebody’s house?”
“You like am?”
She hissed and sulkily asked;
“Like what?”
“Mamy dis na we house.”
“What do you mean?” She asked twice.
“Are you serious?”
“Very, very sure dis na we new house.”
She rushed embraced and kissed him;
“Bu-bu! I love you and know we will rise again, you have made it again you are a clever man, love you.”
“Love you also pretty woman.”

   She examined the posh cars and tiptoed into the house everything new again. The security also joined in the excitement.

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She visited her friends driving her latest posh car. She opened a loud music as she danced to the latest music lyrics her friends came out and joined in the dance and admiring her car and clothes.
“Thank God you have made it welcome back into the fold.” Chairwoman posited as the others concurred.

The Other Side of the Coin
 She is now satisfied that Bangi has made efforts and it has yielded results and she has regained her former status without a blemish and she wanted to be the perfect wife good in bed and satisfy her husband’s appetite.
Her disappointment
   She made the bed cozy and romantic but Bangi was unresponsive as he came late to bed and as soon as he laid his head on the pillow he slumped into deep slumber and started to snore to the annoyance of Xalis.
She grumbled:
“What’s wrong with him? Didn’t he notice my expensive/sexy nightie?” Xalis became frustrated.

To run away from the problem Bangi adopted travelling all the time to avoid temptation from the wife. This attitude led Xalis to protest.
“What is it? Why are you avoiding your conjugal duties by travelling all the time? I need you, we have to build our family and my biological clock is ticking away.”
“A know de try business contact more money for Mamy to chop and look nice.”
“I know you work hard for more contract, more money for me to use to look nice but we also need a family.”
“Yes, a know but God time na best take am easy.”

Buge Val
She is still obsessed with looks and cash this time around she is fully hooked to Pete a mixed race of Gambian paternity and a Norwegian mother, he is a musician who loves our country music. Buge fell for him and they are now locked in full swing.

Society describes her as of wild character and bold to tell people at their face how she feels about them. She is Pete’s fiancée as she claimed and was focusing on the duo taking pictures and documenting them for action. She strongly felt Buge a “married spinster” was stepping on her toes and she was waiting for the right moment to strike.
She approached her car and introduced herself.
Buge saw her and smiled:
“Don’t smile at me I am not a fan, be careful leave my fiancé “married spinster” and a whore next time we meet I’ll not be this polite, watch your back.” She spat on the ground.

Mama Xalis
She is very happy that Xalis has regained her status again but she counselled her;
“My daughter experience they say is the wisest teacher, learn from your bitter experience and try to do some sustainable business as a backup if any such experience should happen again God forbid! Also what about starting a family? I do not hear of any report of pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage? What is happening my daughter? Are you not telling me something?”
“I am not hiding anything from you, we are a perfect couple and as a woman of faith you know God’s time is the best.”
“Yalla-Yalla beiye sa toll” (God helps those who help themselves.) Revisit your OBG and get an expert help.” She nodded to get the discussion short.
“Don’t allow ‘monkey works and babu eats’ you develop your home only to be inherited by another woman with her kids?”
“Never Bangi, will never do such a thing.”
“Never say never, you know the opposite sex and how they behave without a child, the African woman is treated as thrash in her matrimonial home.”

   He returned from overseas and Xalis waved her feminine magic wand to get him into action, did she succeed?
To be Cont.



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