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Saayii Tolof – Part 207 EPISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


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Gossip is very hard on her as a terrible and selfish woman who uses and dumps men at her whims and caprices. Musukebba her sister is very disturbed as such bad publicity comes to her ears. She decided to call Buge private and talk frankly to her as a blood sister.

Buge with Musu
 “It must be very important that you summon me here because I am a very busy person, be snappy about it.”
Musu sighed deeply and said;
“I said this with a heavy heart but please listen to me as a blood sister even though your younger sibling, your flirts hurt your husband who needs your undivided attention at this crucial period of his life, he nearly lost his life in that dastardly accident and he needs you more than ever but you rejected him when he gave you his life. It is not fair and remember as our people would say, whatever you cut the blood soils your hands (Luwhyrendi sisaloho lienacha’). Rethink your life, your husband is suffering and you are the cause of his sadness and grief.”

She was stunned and speechless at the daring attitude of her younger sibling and she reprimanded her;
“Who are you to talk to me as such? Am I your mate? Are you married or a marriage counsellor? Don’t ever interfere in my life again, am I understood?”
“It is okay I’ve said my own for tomorrow’s reference.” Then Musu left for her room while Buge remained defiant and sulky.

She is very crossed with Bangi as she refused him food and the bed which frustrated him all the more.
He found her painting her nails and asked for food;
“Mamy a hungry a want eat.” He said in Pidgin English.
She scolded him;
“Don’t Mamy me again and I have no food for you. You embrace poverty so you should die in it.”
“Mamy not fair to your ‘Bubu’,” he lamented.
Xalis hissed and left him stranded.

Musu with their Mama
She went to Mama and reported her sister.
“You have to call and put her to order Gossip is now aloud if you die at the market you make your obituary easy ‘kude marche yatage sabopa’.  Buge is not hiding but quite in the open.”
“I did call her but she dishonoured my invitation, give me your phone to call her again.” Mama Hojah called and gave her an ultimatum;
“Come with immediacy or you cease to be my daughter. I’ll publicly curse and disown you and you know what that means.”

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 She came quite defensive.
“What is the urgency when you know I am on a very tight schedule?”

Mama Hojah
The urgency is that Gossip is on top of you and you don’t seem to care but as your close relatives we do and we are worried. I advised you to marry based on character and if that was your premise you would not have been worried when his face was disfigured. After the dastardly accident you would have acted according to the dictum of marriage, for better and for worse and when he needed you the most you rejected him and that is very cruel in the face of Allah and man. We will not be a party to your folly and the whole world would know that we rebuke your ugly attitude to your husband who gave you his wealth, care and love.”

I want a divorce, I cannot marry him again, I don’t need his wealth I have made my own. His face and limp disgust me and I don’t care what you or any other person think about it.”
“I’ll never be part of that procedure, do it on your own and we are watching where the bitch dance will take you to,” Mama Ho posited.
She stormed out of the house accusing Mama and Musu of conspiring against her.
“Am I not her mother? I don’t care how she feels but I’ve told her the truth and the whole world will get my message and if she defies as she threatened, it is her business and whatever she sows shall she will reap, ‘lumsigobe gar’.” Mama Ho felt greatly relieved as well as Musu.
“Don’t mind her Mama, are we not absolved?” Mama concurred.

The house is no longer sweet but characterized by sour faces; Xalis found Bangi sleeping on the sofa and she rained insults, character assassination upon him and it became unbearable he got up and paid back the insults;
“You bad luck no pickin for me and poverty family chop all me money, buy house for parents from ghetto, pay brother university, give money for party and bad friends, fear madness if not go into street, a regret marry stupid, bad luck woman.”

 “I blamed myself for marrying a stupid, nincompoop man, me Harjata a university graduate, you are a stupid man to put all your eggs in one basket, you stupid fool!” She sulked.
The insults infuriated the male ego in Bangi who threatened;
“Mamy say pim and a slap you nonsense woman!” She hissed at him and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
He sprang at Xalis and beat her blue/black.
“You want eyefit me you husband anogo take any more nonsense from this stupid woman.”

The Shock
Xalis fainted and it scared Bangi to death;
He shook her up but to no avail;
“Mamy no die am sorry! Am sorry no die!” He rushed her to private clinic where they met the first time.

The Good News
  Doctor Sallah on duty announced pregnancy;
“She is pregnant and you have to take it easy with her especially because of your predicament which is depressive to her.” She gave her some medication to stabilize her condition.

Behind his back
Xalis went underneath and aborted the pregnancy and she refused to notify her husband who found the result by accident Bangi wept bitterly and confronted Xalis.
“Why you terminate my pregnancy? You be wicked woman! Allah de punish you when you want pickin again,” he cursed her.
She became adamant:
“I’ll not get pregnant in poverty, I suffered during my childhood days growing up in penury and would not allow my child to suffer as me; you need not be poor you were rich go back and regain your glory or you better divorce me or I’ll make the house hell for you, no more conception until you do what you are supposed to do.”
To be Cont. 

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