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Saayii Tolof – Part 206 PISODE 16 (Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka Doilu – Nyeti Xarit)


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 She tried every trick under the radar but Bangi refused to bulge.
“Allah me helper no need mortal man to do dat job for me.”

Worsack (Felicia)
 Xalis went to Vanity Club Chairwoman to report progress concening her family.
“Didn’t I tell you, Bangi is stubborn and recalcitrant? He is complacent about our situation and does not give a hook, and what am I going to do now?”
“You are the only one who can now help yourself.”
“How can I do that?”
“I have a friend who can help you do that and he is at the hotel. I’ll introduce you to him and he’ll help you.”

Worsack rang Ali and told him about her friend.
“She’ll show you my business card to confirm I sent her to you.”
“She’s welcome! Cheers!” Ali rang off.

At the Hotel
The duo met and Ali appreciated her composure and demanded that they become intimate. As soon as she began to undress, the image of her sister in law came back to mind and she then kicked against what she was about to do.
“But why do you want to change your mind? Is the money not attractive? I’ll increase it to half a million dalasi just for one night.”
“It is not the money but the repercussion of what I’m about to do.”
“What are you saying? Explain to me.”
“I’ll be mad if I do it! I’ll get mad!” she said and then ran out of the hotel.
“I could not believe it! What type of person has Wor brought to me?” This is unbelievable! To offer a person half a million for just few hours in the night and she refuses?” he said hissing and feeling frustrated.

 She went back to Worsack but Ali has already reported her strange action.
“What is it that Don Ali is telling me; that you ran away from the suite after explaining some strange reasons?”
“Yes, if I flirt with him and desecrate my matrimonial bed I’ll get mad.”
“C’mon stop being funny! In this day and age! Please, will you give me a break? How can this happen?”
“I saw it with my naked eyes when my sister in law flirted with a neighbour and immediately got mad. This is the reason why I’ll never go through that path of destruction.”
“You must be hallucinating. I do not believe such trash,” said Wor in disbelieve.

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At Home
 Xalis went home and confronted Bangi.
“I’ve come to the conclusion that you love and appreciate our fallen status, but as for me I’m not please with it. Divorce me to go back home and start a new life all over again.
“You opportunity marriage better or worse no divorce you marriage stay whether like or not,” Bangi said, in Pidgin English.

He rang Xalis to remind her of the tuition fees but she scolded him.
“What type of person are you, only to take but not to give? Didn’t you know that our family is in crisis and we are now living in a two room house away from our mighty mansion and you didn’t even care to call us to find out?

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