Saayii Tolof – Part 166 EPISODE 13 (Difficult Marriages – Sins of our Parents)


Ma Kumuna’ Intervention
  She was my Governess (Nanny) whom I thought was my mom, she was strict a no nonsense lady but also kind, generous and compassionate and I enjoy both sides of her character and it gave me discipline she cannot beg me anything I can refuse. I rushed to her and wept bitterly that my mom touched my soft spot by asking my real mom to intervene.
“Mom give me time and I’ll report back to you.”
She understood me more than my arrogant mother then she replied;
“I know you my son and what you are capable of I’ll be waiting for a positive reply and please whatever the case may be I expect a positive reply and will be patiently waiting.” I kissed her and left with my luggage but mom is never sure again;
“Will he come back Haja?”
“I know my son he hates to me pressurize; I’ll be seeing him don’t you worry but don’t threaten him if you do he’ll dare the challenge

Nanny and Son
Ambruce visited his nanny and discussed further with her.
    “Look at what this adulteress, wicked woman has done to my father your friend and brother, I can forgive but not forget it made me stereotype women so as not to fall into my father’s trap, he was so gentle and kind and she took him for granted so as to bring her lovers into her matrimonial home, what a disrespect! I’ll never allow such and will never allow her to interfere and wreck my life, I’ll take my time and find my wife and she can also never influence me to marry a wife she brings for me; talk frankly to her as a true friend and confidante.”

’ll talk to her you know me now I used to advise her to take note of you that you are growing up a bitter young man and that she is destroying your life and you’ll grow up to hate women and marriage stereotyping all women and that’s exactly what has happen, but take it easy with yourself and her go back to your family home and take your time in finding a better woman.

Pa Ambruce
“I’ve heard you nanny but you know that arrogant fool she thinks only of herself and whenever I go back she’ll never stop interfering and you’ll forever keep sitting on our case, let me be I can be visiting her whenever there is time but I can never go back to that house my spirit and soul is not in agreement.”
“I’ll respect your decision but still ask you for more somber reflection.”
“Thank you nanny well appreciated I promise that you’ll be well posted.”

Ayou is his best friend who have the most influence over him since childhood he went abroad with his family and have just returned to run the family business while his family live and stay overseas. Mama D went to him to impress upon his best friend to return home and marry a wife.

Mama D
  “Ayou! How are your parents it’s so long I haven’t heard from them? Hope they are fine?”
“They are mom and have sent their greetings always asking after you since my return. How is my friend I also hope he is fine? I’ve not seen him since my return.”
“I am here because of him; he moved out of the house out of protest that I told him to find a wife and settle down, well every parent would want to see his/her grandchild especially we women who are emotionally attach to that.” She reflected and asked Ayou,
“Are you married yourself?”
He smiled and answered in the negative;
“I am still searching mom.” Then she urged him to also find one before he can influence his friend.
“Mom I am still young and there is no need to be in a hurry before you fall into a trap.”
Mom became defensive;
“That’s what your friend always keep saying, but if you stick to that principle when will you ever find one if you don’t try? Will a wife drop down from the sky?”
“That is a point but let us first get into friendship and start it from there.”
“I’ll agree but your friend is even afraid to get into a courtship please influence him to start from friendship and take it up from there.”
“Okay I’ll do my best but where does he live now?”
“I don’t know but you can go to his company and you’ll surely make an appointment.” She then gave him the address and phone number. She praise him and left.

  1. Pa Ambruce
    ou found the place and he was excited and happy to see him.
    After exchanged of pleasantries he told him his mission;
    “Are you not staying at home? I went there but you were not found so mom gave me your company’s address; what is happening boyfriend?”
    “What has mom told you? I hope you are not here to convince me get married and go back home?”
    “If that is the case what’s wrong with it? Am I not part of the family?”
    “Of course you are but you know that one cannot marry for marriage sake? One has to take time not to be rushed to failure and that’s what I am doing and I’ll never allow mom ruin my life, she has to let me be give me time to find a spouse.”
    “And that’s exactly what I told her but she agreed and said what is worrisome is that you have not even start courting that wife will not drop from the sky.”
    “I’ve heard you and will surely court when I meet the right woman/girl.”
    Ayou thanked him for offering him an audience then left.

Pa Ambruce
He went to mom and told her off;
“Stop discussing me with strangers, what sort of mother are you? Do other women discuss their children with other non- family members? So far I am discreet but if you push me you’ll leave me with no other option but to tell them how you’ve killed my father made me hate all other women and distrust you, let me be and leave me at my own time to make my decision!” He scolded her and left in a rage.
Mama D wept bitterly and regretted her action; she prayed to God to soften her son’s heart and make him forgive her.
To be Cont.