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Saayii Tolof – Part 155 EPISODE 12 (Difficult Marriages- Love and Friendship in Marriage)


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 “She is bluffing but will finally grace my bed.” He bluffed his friend.
“Count me out of your evil intention I pray that you’ll not succeed with this noble damsel who does you no harm but standing her ground,” Ndigi posited.

Two Friends
Degene started a conversation on Gerdel but Ndaxte is a fan and is disinterested.
“I hate the womanizer!”
“But why, when he is fan of many women both here and in the city? He is a good lover who makes every woman feel wanted,” Ndaxte argued.
“That is my point he bluffs that he can get any woman he wants to grace his bed he plays with them and dumps them to break their hearts and I don’t know what they see in him?”
“He is a champion and if you hate him this much don’t talk about him,” she snapped.
“Are you for him?” But Ndaxte refused to comment or answer her question.

Ndigi and Gerdel
As they walked in the village Gerdel said it is his project to get Degene grace his bed. Ndigi chided his evil project;
“You don’t cease to surprise me don’t you ever get tired of women? Do you have a project to sleep with every woman you come across?”
“The world will be boring without women and I can only leave them when I am buried six feet deep; I’ll go to the city make more money to play with more beautiful girls but my uppermost project is to sleep with Degene and I must do it, God willing.

Gerdel Meets Degene
He met Degene and continued his wooing;
“Can I talk to you?” He asked.
“What do you want to talk to me about?”
“I want to make you my wife and will make you the happiest girl on earth.”
“This shows how irresponsible you are, have you ever seen a responsible man propose marriage to a girl he wishes to marry on the street?”
“That is not a problem, tomorrow I’ll visit your home and tell your mother about my good intention in wanting to marry you.”
“Don’t ever try it because if you step your crooked feet into my compound I’ll break your head and go to jail for it.”
“Break my head I love that and will be satisfied that I die for love, you must be my wife Degene!” He swore. Degene hissed and walked away raving, ranting and insulting.

The more she despises and rejects him the more courageous he becomes.
“She is a special girl since I became a man no woman has ever rejected me, this makes me more determined to make her my wife by hook or crook,” he again swore.

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Degene with Ndaxte
She came out bluntly;
“I am not happy with how you embarrass Gerdel anytime he expresses genuine love for you he has not done anything to you to deserve such a treatment,” Ndaxte chided her.

“Don’t be mad at me Ndax I like his friend who looks more serious.”
“Which friend are you talking about Ndigi?”
“Yes, I am comfortable with his character, gentle my kind of man.”
“Are you sure of him? He cares less about women, people are saying whether he is gay or transgender.”
“People can say whatever they like but I like him he is not play boy and that is a reliable fellow unlike a person who follows every kind of woman, uses them and dumps them afterwards,” Deg argued.

At Deg’ Home
A rich suitor showed up but before he came he was tipped by her friend Ndaxte and she deliberately absented herself in order not to meet him.
Waljojo is an exporter/importer, a son of the soil, very rich but gossip has it that he is into all shady deals such as money laundering, trafficking of drugs, women/girls and as well as money ritual; he tried all angles to get her to accept his marriage proposal;
He told Majula;
“We can ‘taaki basang’ where she will stick to her faith or we do legal; I am not bothered, I am a son of the soil and would want to marry a home-grown damsel. If she agrees to my proposal I’ll build you a mansion in your huge compound furnished with state of the earth accessories. My business partners all over the globe will be meeting me here in the village. I’ll also build another mansion for her in one of my acquired properties. I’ll open a big village business for you and as for her. I’ll link her to big business and she can engage in the city. I love her very much and she is lucky to be the chosen one, parents are going to marabous to get me marry their daughters and I did not marry them all this time because I was searching for my missing rib, my kind of wife was described to me and your daughter has the fitting description. I am an international businessman who can only marry someone who is an asset to my business empire and your daughter happens to be that one.”
Majula frantically searched for her daughter but to no avail, then she has to lie so as not to discourage Walfs.
“I forgot, I sent her to go and attend a charity of my first cousin’s son whose body was repatriated home I cannot go just to honour your invitation I am very sorry but she’ll get the message.”
He was at first disappointed but the explanation calmed his nerves; he took out a cheque of fifty thousand and gave it to Majula.
“Share it equally with my lady and add to your business and for her just to buy beautiful things and make herself prettier just for me.”
Majula was up to the skies as she thanked him abundantly and gave him all the assurance that Diminga Degene is his here and hereafter. He then left.

She came looking for her friend Diminga;
“Is she not in your home? Don’t you see that rich suitor ‘money man’ Walfs? He is asking for her hand in marriage; I don’t know who has placed poverty curse on my daughter? She shuns affluence and influence but I’ll exorcise the madness in her. I want to live the rest of my life in happiness,” Majula posited.
“I’ve not seen her since yesterday I even thought you sent her on errands outside the village.” Ndax counseled Majula and asked her to take it easy with her daughter.
“I’ll talk sense into her and please tell her I came looking for her.”
It was a camouflage she came to do spying for her as she was the one harbouring Diminga at her home.
“You better do oh, you better do!”
To be Cont.


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