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Saayii Tolof – Part 133 EPISODE 11 (Difficult Marriages – Daughter in law the other side)


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Mama Sap
“Is D500 the only money you have?” Mom shook her head.
“Are you kidding me, you are asked to deposit D30 – D50, 000 and you have D500 only? I cannot kill myself for your family when you super rich son bask in wealth at the city; send Abi to go to him and also phone him to prick his conscience and I’ll also do the same at my end hopefully he’ll yield if he has a human heart and conscience.”
Mom sobbed bitterly unable to say a word.
“It is time for action to save Dad not emotions!” Mama Sap posited.

At the Clinic
Mom came back to the Ward while Mama Sap went home with the promise to call Bangs and pressurize him to take care of his dad.
Mom found Abi who slept beside the bed as she woke up when Mom entered the ward.
“What has doc said?”
Mom started to be emotional;
“He said before the start of any treatment a deposit of D30- D50, 000 has to be paid but where can I get that type of money? It is only D500 in my wallet; I don’t want my husband to die.” She sobbed bitterly.
“Nobody is going to die, Dad is getting better don’t you see, stop crying and have faith in Allah.” Abi encouraged.
“It is unfair! Where am I going to get such amount of money?” Mom asked through sobs.
“What is it? I’ll call my brother and tell him in equivocal terms that Dad is dying perhaps that will soften his callous heart; Bangs is heartless and mean.”
“Call him now and be fast about it I don’t want to lose my husband. Why this type of hatred for the son I’ve given birth to, suckled him from my breast, how can he let us to die in abject poverty and penury?” Mom lamented.
“Insha Allah! Nobody will die Satan is a liar!” Abi posited.

Bangs with Friends
Bangs with friends Gaalandou and Chernor Baaba were at the Bar drinking and socializing then the phone rang Bangs checked, hissed and turn it down. But after few seconds it rang again and consistently which annoyed the friends.
“Please answer your call, who is calling you?” The friends asked.
The phone rang again and he was forced to pick it up.
“What is it Yose? You are disturbing my peace, can’t you let me be?” He yelled.

“Dad is critically ill and admitted at the Specialist Clinic and Doc is asking for a deposit of D30- D50, 000 before the start of any treatment.”

“So Dad is critically sick and admitted at the Specialist Clinic and Doc requested between D30 – D50, 000, so what? Am I a bank? I have nothing to take care of your Dad and stop disturbing my peace, period!”  He switched off his phone and Chebaa protested.
“What’s wrong with you? Are you addressing your kid sister as such? Are you referring to your Dad the same way? Please do something because you have the means and you are taking care of other people.”
“Are you talking to me? What is your business there? Are you part of my family? Please don’t be a busy body, mind your business please!”

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“Are you not being funny? What are true friends for? We are equally well off as you and don’t need any assistance from you therefore we cannot tell you nothing but the truth; response positively and spare yourself the sh                                   ame, if you don’t take care and anything happen to your Dad the consequences on your reputation will be very negative.”

He got up paid for his drinks, hissed and went away leaving his friends stranded.
“He is mad! He is so stubborn; let him go we don’t need anything from him.”
Chebaa called the bar attendant paid him and they left quite disappointed with their friend.
“Gossip said he is a cultist, we cannot vouch for him because we are not in the same boat we take care of our family.” The duo posited.

Abi came and looked sad then Mom asked;
“You went out to speak to him what did he say?”
“He embarrassed me and switched off.”
“Ring him back for me to talk to him.” Mom requested.
“Will he listen to you?” Abi asked.
“Calling fire does not burn the mouth, let me try.”
Abi called Bangs and gave the phone to Mom;
“Your dad is critically ill and we need your help.”
Before she finished her sentence Bangs switched off without saying a word.
“He refused to talk to me but switched off; I think you have to go to the city to get Ify to assist if your brother refuses.” Mom posited and Abi agreed to go the city.

He heard everything that transpired and said;
“Let me die in peace; I don’t want to be a burden to anyone don’t force him to do what he does not want to do.” He posited.
“We will do everything possible to get you back to your feet whether he does or does not do anything.”

Nurse Dadoo
Senior Nurse Dadoo came to Mom and spoke to her.
“Mom! What is happening? This is the third day and you have not deposited a butut? Do you want to suffer embarrassment? Alert your rich son and let him pay the deposit.” Mom shook her head and said;
“Abiyose has gone to the city to alert him and sooner than later she will be here.”
“I am concerned, I hope so oh! I hope so!”
“What is happening is not our fault, our clinic is private and we give quality care, money is needed to perform the operation Doc will not be happy to hear this state of affairs.” Nurse Dadoo posited.

At the City
 Abi came but the security refused her in;
“I am his kid sister of the same parents let me in.”

Bagaayoho (Bagaa)
“Boss warn me never allow any person in until he instructed so including his family. I am married to two women with plenty children and I don’t want to lose my family.”
Abi pleaded but to no avail as he shut the gate at her.

 She heard the strong bang-bang and came out to enquire;
“Bagaa! Who is banging our gate and why didn’t you open it?”

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