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Pro Gambia Association meets UDP leadership


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By Nelson Manneh

As part of their efforts in promoting the holding of free, fair and peaceful elections in The Gambia, the newly formed Pro Gambia members-of-the-pro-gambia-associuation-posing-with-the-udp-flagbearerAssociation, on Saturday,10th September 2016, held discussion on issues with the Presidential Candidate of the United Democracy Party (UDP) and other executive committee members.

In his introductory remarks, Mr. Momodou Bah, the President of the Pro Gambia association, thanked the executive members of the UDP for welcoming them to their office and elaborated on their mission and the aims and objectives of their association. “As we all know, the Gambia is known of its peace we are also here to foster that peace among the political parties and their supporters and the general public at large,” said Mr. Bah.

He said they are doing this as patriotic citizens who want to support the development of their country.

For his part, James F. Mendy, who is in charge of information at Pro Gambia Association, elaborated on the activities they plan to undertake, including sensitization on civic matters on the radio and television.

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Mr. Adama Barrow, the UDP flagbearer, said the association has a very important role to play since elections create a lot of problems in many countries in Africa. He said to create an enabling environment for the holding of elections is vital.

“For this party, we are ready to work with all associations who have positive views towards the development of the Gambia. Our principal objective towards this year’s election is to bring changes and peace to the Gambia and its people but this is to be decided by the people of the Gambia,’’ said Mr. Barrow.

The UDP Presidential Candidate gives assurance that they will not cause any violence but they will also not allow any corruption.

For her part, Madame Mariama B. Secka, UDP deputy secretary general and deputy party leader, said this initiative of Pro Gambia Association in promoting peace is important.

“The Gambia was known as a peaceful country but now there is no peace as it used to be. Since 1996, the UDP militants have no peace as some are in prison and some have died concerning the 14 April 2016 incident,” said Madame Secka.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Alagie S. Darboe, the UDP’s deputy senior administrator, said they have noted the concerns of the association, adding that as far as the issue of peaceful election is concerned this is of great importance to his party.

He said the prior concern of his party is to work towards a meaningful change in the Gambia.

“We all know there cannot be a meaningful change without a peaceful environment but the United Democracy Party will only partner with an association that is ready to ensure a peaceful, free and fair election,’’ said Mr. Darboe.

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