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Police Delegation Meets Ganbanaax Leadership


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By Lamin Fatty

A delegation from Police headquarters in Banjul on Wednesday 14th April 2021, met the Ganbanaax leadership over the construction of a Mosque and Quranic school in Garawol.

The meeting was held in Fatoto and the delegation was led by Landing Bojang- a senior police officer from Banjul accompanied by some senior officers from Basse.

A source said the Police on Wednesday 14th April 2021, went to Garawol with 3 pickups full of officers as early as 7:00 am and captured every corner of a site where a mosque and Quranic school were to be constructed by members of Ganbanaax.

He added that at around 11am, the leadership of Ganbanaax was called to go to Fatoto and meet the said delegation. In the meeting, the source said the police chief urged the Ganbanaax leadership to go and apply for building permit in order to proceed with their work without disturbance.

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Mangu Sankareh, who led the Ganbanaax leadership, confirmed the meeting with the Police in an interview with this medium in Garawol. Sankareh said they were called to meet a police delegation from Banjul in Fatoto.

“We were called to meet the delegation from Police Headquarters in Banjul and we went. Landing Bojang, who led the delegation to Fatoto told us to apply for building permit so that we can proceed with our construction work without delay or disturbance from anybody.

Sankareh said the police visited the proposed construction site in Garawol when the meeting was over. He said immediately after the meeting, some members of Ganbanaax went to Basse to secure building permit at the Area council. He said the council referred them to the Alkalo for their documents to be stamped.

The Police PRO, Superintendent Lamin Njie, confirmed the meeting, but said he is not privy to the discussion.

“I still didn’t get a feedback yet that is why I could not share the information. I did not forget, but I will follow up and share with you as soon as I get feedback,” he said.

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