Peace Network Joins Other Domestic Election Observers


Ahead of April Election

By Amadou Manjang

Peace Network Consultancy has joined other domestic election observers in the Gambia, to observe the 9th April 2022 parliamentary elections.

This is the second legislative election to be held after the ousting of the former president in 2017.

Alesana Jallow, the Chief Executive Officer of Peace Network Consultancy, said they will deploy seven mobile observers to polling stations across the country on election day. He said the observes are equipped with all the necessary skills to ensure that any data given, will be reliable; that the reason for them to join other domestic observers is to make sure that the country is violence-free after the election; that if the election is free, fair and transparent, the country will also be free from violence.

“The reason for this is to make sure that the election goes in line with both national and internationally acceptable standards,” he said.

‘We have realized that election is the cause of conflict in many African countries in recent times. In this regard, we have requested accreditation from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), in order to observe the coming election,” he said.

For the information of the reader, the Peace Network Consultancy was created in 2021 with the aim of ensuring free and fair election, mediation, peace education, conflict resolution, negotiation and reconciliation, among others.