Officers at Serrekunda Police Station Appeal for Sanitary Materials to Curb Coronavirus


By Ndey Sowe

Police officers at Serrekunda Police Station have on Friday called on the authorities to provide them with sanitary materials amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The officers made the appeal during an interview with this reporter.

Modou A.B. Sillah, Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Serekunda Police Station said: “At Serekunda Police Station here, we are very vulnerable because people are coming in and out during the day and night and we lack materials such as face masks, hand sanitizers in this trial moment.”

He therefore called on the government to provide them with these materials most especially thermometer for temperature testing so that they can test the temperature of anyone entering the station.

He said they are faced with many challenges at the station, adding they are in dire need of sanitary materials so that they could curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Alieu Keita, Chief Inspector of Police at the station said: “We are very defenseless as people are coming in and out of the station every day and we do not have enough face mask and sanitizers.

He detailed that Coronavirus is a pandemic that everybody is trying to prevent.
He said: “We are trying to prevent people from the virus by providing them with Omo and other sanitary materials in the cells to prevent the spread of the virus”.

He added they do not have a thermometer, adding they do not also have enough face masks. He went on to call on the government to provide them with a thermometer for the station.

This reporter also observed that social distancing and other preventative measures were not observed by prisoners. This is because the cells are too small.
There were no sanitary materials at the entrance of the station. No one was placed at the entrance of the station to check the body temperature of visitors. Visitors were not also provided with sanitizers.
However, only those with face masks were allowed to enter the station.