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“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!”Part 4


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By Amie Sillah Ada   A black posh jeep back stand and a young lady came out and called their names one by one. “Who is that, is it you Ada?” A young lady with sophistication from head to feet came down wearing designer’s custom and Brazilian Human hair. “Yes it is me; where are you going to? Hop into the car and we go to a Joint eat, drink and chat.” Aside Tenneng spoke to her friends. “She was our classmate at Nursery, Primary, Middle School and High school; we used to mock at her especially when she attended Nursing School to become a nurse wearing that ‘funny’ uniform, look at her now! Has she not excelled above us?” “Can you believe it girls?Ada came to convince me to join her in Nursing School and I rejected the offer; compare her to me now, she is up and I am down still struggling. Can you imagine?” Matty posited. “Ada! A jeep bought by her own money, building a duplet for her parents at the village, unbelievable? I am a nurse, start calling me as such.” Aisha posited. “Hop in girls, let’s go.” Ada posited. “Ho! Ho! Speaking through her nose; can you imagine?” Aisha gossiped to Tenneng. She took them to Kuje’s Eatery and they have their fill. She tipped each of them a D1000. “Thank you very much and may Allah refill your fountain. Amen!” At Aisha’s House    K.B came to discuss with Papabut found him in a hurry to catch up with an appointment as he later explained. “Aisha is not at home and as you can see I am in a hurry to catch up with an important appointment.” “I did not come to Aisha but to you, I’ll not take much of your time, I know you are very upset with her and I am equally upset with her result but we can still give her another chance.” “As I have already said it will be a waste of time and resources and I still stood my ground.” “Have you decided Aisha goes to school no more?” “Are you dictating my decision in my home?” “Not at all Papa, I am just begging for you to give her one more chance and I’ll foot the bill and would make everything possible for her to pass it.” “There should be no deception, Aisha is not a university material it is difficult but all of us have to appreciate that fact to make it easy for all of us, please my son put your money into something profitable for all of us; I have to run now, I am already late where I am going.” “What are now your plans for her?” He looked at him and replied. “Get married of course! What else?” “Okay that is fine by me, give me the date and time for my ‘Go-Betweens’ to come to settle the marriage rites.” He looked at him with disdainful eyes, hissed and left him stranded, surprised and wondering what he has done to deserve such a treatment. Mbinkey Madala She came out from her room and found K.B staring at one place and confused. “I didn’t know you were here, when did you come? You are not happy, what’s wrong?” “Well Papa is upset with me when he pronounced that he is against Aisha’s continued education and when I asked him next plans for her and when he said marriage I proposed for him to give us date and time for my people to come and declare my intention and bring in the necessary things needed to tie the knot but Papa changed his countenance and gave me a stern look, disdainful and scornful, what have I done for Papa to treat me as such?” “Did you tell him that?” “Yes, I did, is that wrong?” “Nothing is wrong my son and you have done the right thing. Sit down.” Mama posited. “Aisha is a disgrace to all of us who love her and she has become a big burden to you my son that’s why we have to take a second option.” “But I am not complaining.” “Well I’ve heard you and I’ll ask my daughter’s opinion when she comes, just take it easy and don’t be hard upon yourself.” Mama advised. “Thank you mama and am leaving and since marriage is the only option I am ready to marry her.” K.B emphasized. Ada She is at the building site with her three friends who disbelieved that she is solely building the house. “But how can you build such a duplet for your parents with your poor nurse salary? Is your husband sponsoring it?” Aisha asked. “You don’t get it; I am solely building it for my parents and as I have told you nursing profession is very lucrative in the Statesand when my husband went for his sabbatical he took me along and I used my profession, took further courses and here I am, I could not have asked for more. My education empowered me and took me out of poverty as well as my parents.” Ada explained. “Call me a nurse today for I am already a nurse, an American nurse for that matter.” Aisha posited. K.B He came home dejected and rejected and is no longer sure whether he can marry his sweetheart again. Yaadi noticed her son’s countenance and mood and enquired; “What is it again, Aisha ‘warhala’?” “Poor traffic and not many customers, I decided to go to the mechanic for maintenance that’s the reason I am at home early. Is there any problem? Why should you always attribute my problems to Aisha? Why should it be she all the time? Are you not bias towards this girl?” “Just make sure that this Aisha of a girl does not send you to an early grave. What an elder sees sitting down a young person sees not even standing on a tall tree. I sense betrayal sooner or later, my son take your time and open your eyes well, well. Go to your room and eat your food place at the table.” At Aisha’s Home Her parents are very excited when she entered the house. “We have very good news for you!” Both exclaimed. “I have very good news for you as well and wait for me to narrate mine first. I am no longer going to university.” “Really!” Both parents eye signaled the other. “You’ve made an excellent smart choice.” Papa opined. “Don’t interrupt me, am not yet done.” “Okay, am sorry, go on with your narration.” “I want to be a nurse then proceed to the U.S to work there.” “What!” the parents became very surprised. To be Cont]]>

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