By Sulayman Bah Balla Gaye II could square Eumeu Sene next year with aBalla Gaye pictured left and EumeuSene promoter considering staging the fight. Serigne Modou Niang, a promoter in the Senegalese arena is pondering ensuring a rematch between the two wrestlers. For a bout to be staged, the two camps must first reach agreement on payment with the promoter, and Niang is keen to make the first move of negotiation immediately after the Muslim feast (tobaski). The two are coming out on the back of defeats in recent months. Balla got deposed of the Senegal King of Arena title to Bombardier while Eumeur bit the dust to Modou Lo. Eumeu had Balla bundled about seven years ago at a time the Lion of Geudiwaye was hugely inexperienced – a combat that continues to generate taunts. Fed up of being constantly reminded of that defeat even during his tenure as king, and partly with strong desire to put a surgical amend to his career in the wake of his latest lost,Balla Gaye last month, expressed interest to seek revenge on Eumeu and promoter Niang’s remarks only adds to that enthusiasm. “After the feast of Tabaski, I will take the steps. I’ll try to pick fights between Balla Gaye 2 Eumeu Sene, Modou Lô and Bombardier. These are the fights that are in vogue and that fans would want to watch. GouyGui-Boy Niang is a fighter I would like to stage too”Niang told the Senegalese graphic.]]>