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“Nyaaka Bubu! Nyaaka Chene!” Part 3


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By Amie Sillah Begay (Tenneng) An admirer a possible lover stood her at the street and sang praises to her, she was enjoying it until her friend Matty came along and she told her everything that Kemo told her. “Please tell her all the ‘sweet nonsense’ you were telling me few minutes ago.” She laughed at Kemo which made him ashamed and embarrassed. “He said I am an angel, ‘Mammy Water’, that he will buy me a plane if he gets rich, a mall, and all the goodies of life. Can you imagine?” The duo mocked at Kemo and left him stranded. “You don’t know yourself; check her out; her basket cannot fit under your bed.” Matty posited. K.B with Aisha  She begged her fiancé. “I don’t know what happened but I did well, the examiners are just wicked to me; I want to go to university for the benefit of all of us. One can only get a good job if he/she gets higher education; I want to take my parents out of poverty; you want learning if I am done you can stand from there.” “I am with you babe, I empathize with you; I’ll see your dad for you.” “He is very upset with me but let him just give me one more chance.” “I’ll do just that, I’ll work harder overtime to sponsor an extra one hour for extra mural class; together we will overcome.” “You will?” “Yes, I’ll.” “Thank you, I love you.” “Love you too!” K.B with Papa Ken “Young man you have given a lot of assistance to this family and you’ll surely not kill yourself for Aisha, she is not a university material, forget about her and put your money to better use my son.” He tabbed his shoulder. “As for me I can’t afford university education.” Papa Ken posited. “I’ll do my best and sponsor her through just give her another chance.” Papa ken disagreed as he is already fed-up with her daughter. Alhajj Morr   He is an age mate from the same village they went through the same Initiation Camp and are very good friends. He paid his old friend a visit accompanied by his only son from the U.S. “‘Luu Wanha Didoh Noor? Not seen an old friend for ages even though we live in the same village!” “As a real estate dealer I am travelling all over the place, I hardly stay in the village for a month that’s the reason.” Sayeer Biran (S.B) stretched out his hand. Papa Ken vividly recognized the paternal contours. “I remember him now that small boy in the same ‘daara’ (local Qur’anic informal school) with my kids. Coming from the U.S eh?” S.B nodded his head. “How is Barack Obama?” “You mean U.S. politics? We are struggling over there but it is very tough if you are not focus. Thank God I have my papers and I am working for myself.” The Mission “The toad does not roam the day for nothing.; also a lion cannot give birth to a goat; I would have send my people but I decided to come myself due to our long time relationship since at the Initiation Camp.” Papa Ken asked Mbinkey to get them Kolanuts and water. S.B took out some money and gave it to his future father in law plus a male and two female perfumes for the parents and Aisha. Aisha She heard noises peeped through the shutters and saw father and son with her parents discussing and she decided to eavesdropped from outside unseen and unnoticed. Continuation My son came home to get a bride as I have advised him to do. Here he is at his uncle’s house, my best friend, as our people would say ‘ku racha tiiya sisakanam’, the devil you know is better than the angel you know not. Here is your son and he has come to find his missing rib in your house.” “Thank you very much my brother and friend, you have spoken well but give me time to discuss with my wife and we will also consult our daughter for her consent but I can assure you that everything will be fine Insha Allah!” “Be fast about it my son has just a month absence from work.” The Friends  The duo waited for Aisha to give her some vital information, she did not appear and they were getting impatient. “What is keeping A.J? I hope everything is fine?” “Have you investigated everything we need to know?” Matty (Oley)asked. “Of course that’s what I did. The institution is run by the Catholic Mission; they are asking for Grade 12 level of education and one has to take an entrance examination to be enrolled. They specialized in General Nursing and Midwifery. The cost is exorbitant but one can pay by installment.” Begay (Tenneng) posited. Aisha She came running and panting. “Who is pursing you or who are you pursuing after?” The duo asked Aisha. “I am finished! I am finished! My dad has literally sold me off to a totalstranger to become his wife; can you imagine this day and age when activists are sensitizing us on consent before marriage? Why is my father rushing me? Am I old?” The duo burst into hilarious laughter. “Why are you laughing at me? Is this a laughing matter?” She became crossed with them. “We are sorry! We are laughing not at what you say but how you said it is very funny.” “May both of you experience the same thing, let your parents sell you off to the highest bidder!” “God forbid! That is not our portion!” Both girls posited. Aisha is very angry with her friends whom she thought are mocking at her and have not taken her seriously. The Surprise A black expensive posh jeep past them but back stand. The triplets were surprised; who could it be, they do not know anyone with such an expensive car? A familiar voice calls them and came down from the posh car. What sophistication! From head to foot is from designers’ shop; she also wore a 36 inches Brazilian human hair. “Adama! Is that you?” The girls asked in unison admiring her from head to foot. “Where have you been, to Greater Banjul? You just disappear into thin air. Have you graduated from School of Nursing?” “I graduated five years ago and went to the U.S with Mamour my husband when he went for his sabbatical. I took the opportunity to work and also upgrade myself with more specialized Nursing courses. Nursing profession pays very well in the U.S.” “Who owns the jeep, it is your husband?” “It is my own and I bought it here in country after I arrived.” “You bought it yourself?” The trio asked. “It is not a big deal, I came to supervise the building I am erecting for my parents in the village, they are now staying with me in the States nannying my three kids and I want them to back to a new duplet in the village. Can we go somewhere to eat and chat?” To Be Cont. ]]>

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