“Nyaaka Bubu! Nyaaka Chene!” Part 2


By Amie Sillah At Mbinkey’s House She saw the result slip on the centre table and picked it up and she screamed after reading it. Papa Ken came out from his room and scolded her. “Why screaming like a mad dog? Are you okay?” “Read and judge for yourself and see the reason for my screaming.” Papa Ken “What! She failed again a third time? What does this girl take me for, an idiot? I’ll deal with her; she is a nonentity, a nincompoop! She is not university stuff.” K.B He brought in some foodstuff supply. Aisha’s parents are happy to see him. Mbinkey assisted by Papa Ken assisted him and unloaded the stuff into the house. He then asked for Aisha. “I am trying her phone since yesterday but to no avail, I hope she is okay and also about her results, did she tell you anything?” The parents eye signaled each other and pretended not to know anything. “Just come in and eat something, we know she will soon be here.” “But I am trying her line but she is not picking up.” K.B posited. The ‘Triplets’ Aisha screamed. “I have failed a third time! What am I going to tell my fiancé and father? They will skin me alive.” The other friends scolded her. “Why are you shouting like a mad dog? Has a snake bite you?” “Why should I not scream? Thrice I’ve failed my Aptitude Entrance Exams, does that not warrant screaming?” “Failure does not warrant screaming even if it is four times; what it calls for is just to try something else where one could pass.” Posited Begay and Matty. “Don’t pray to God for that to happen to you.” She turned to Begay and asked for her result slip. “Where is my result slip?” “I placed it on your centre table.” “What! Why did you do that? Do you want K.B and my father to see it?” She scolded her and left them and ran home. The Duo “Why should she scold me? I placed it at the table inside her house, is it not her house that I place it?” Begay queried. At Aisha’s House K.B kept phoning Aisha but to no avail. Her parents urged him to come in and eat. “It is okay I am not hungry, I’ll be leaving for now when Aisha comes tell her to call or better still to see me.” “Okay we will. Thank you very much for the assistance.” They are happy parents and good collectors of goodies on behalf of their daughter. Aisha She is afraid to go home now knowing that her results are known by her parents and possibly K.B as well. K.B He drove back to the traffic after Aisha’s home, she saw him and hid into the long grass and waited until he passed and then she ran fast to her home in anticipation of her father’s wrath. Papa Ken As expected he held a machete for her daughter hurling insults and obscenities at her. “Good for nothing, stupid nincompoop! K.B waited for ages for you to show up but to no avail. This young man spent his hard earned money on you what has he not done to make you pass the exams but to no avail. You sat thrice for this exams but each time you woefully fail, what is wrong with your idiotic brain?” “I wrote well but don’t know why they fail me, are they not wicked to me?” “What nonsense? Do they know you an insignificant nonentity? Just wait for me!” Mbinkey Madala restrained her husband. “You cannot use machete on your daughter, it is not done, let sit her down and discuss sense into her.” K.B with Mama Yaadi Mama has an eagle eye for her son and she understands every move and emotion of him. “You are dull since you return from work? Is it Aisha’s problem again?” He lied to mom. “I have fever and traffic is dull today it has nothing to do with Aisha.” “You are lying to me, I’ll be damn as a mother to allow that stupid girl and her greedy family kills you for me.” Mama Yaadi posited. “Mama I want to rest and please stop disturbing me.” Aisha and her Parents She is knelt down and dad handed over his judgment.University education is over for you as you are not a material for it.” “You are to be enrolled for Home Economic Classesafter the training you can become self-employed.” Mama posited. Dad concurred with mom as Aisha protested. “Give me one more chance to sit to the exams and this will be my last chance and if I fail I’ll go for a trade of my choice.” “You want to waste K.B’s money and I’ll no longer be a party to that you have to go and learn how to sew.” “That is wickedness, give me one more chance, I don’t want to do Home Economics I want to go to university. Without a good degree you cannot have a good job and I want a good job to get you out of poverty now that you are getting old and weak.” “Your reality does not convince us, how can you go to university when you cannot pass the entrance examination?” Her parents asked. Aisha swore. “Just give me one more chance and if I fail this time around don’t give me food, I’ll then learn a trade and get married.” The result Slip    K.B got hold of it. “This was the reason why the hide and seek? How much money? You sat to the exams thrice and failed woefully; what have I not done to make you pass? Small boys, girls from grade 12 pass the exams.” “I did my best and didn’t know why they chose to fail me.” “Your best was not good enough; I bought books, register you for extra mural classes, tell me now what did I not do? All my hard earned money into the drain! Shame on you!” K.B scolded her. “The examiners are wicked, you are not happy but there are some people who did worst.” “What about those who passed the exams? Were they only wicked to you?” “Oh! Don’t pist me up! How much how you spent on me, it is D2million?” She started to go out but K.B pinned her down. “You are not going anywhere sit down and hear me talk.” “Let me go out there to people who would understand and not blast me.” Aisha protested. “I am not any longer angry after telling you the naked truth.” “I think you are still angry with me!” “Not anymore.” K.B posited. To Be Cont.    ]]>