public view has raised the question of international security, peace and justice. All the people murdered were not captured from their countries. They may well be opposed to their governments. Why then should they be abducted and killed just because they came from a particular country whose government has adopted a particular policy? It is important for world leaders to tell those who intend to behead their citizens that they should have regard for the difference between state, government and people. Many people become citizens of states by the accident of birth. Governments come and go and may not be supported by a citizen. Each person is a unique being who should be judged based on what one has done. Punishing a person for an act which he or she has no control over is the highest form of injustice. There is need for universal outcry against the abduction of travellers to foreign countries as hostages and their beheading.   In all civilised and just cultures, guests or visitors should be protected. The kindness or otherwise one shows to visitors determines the quality and standard of a country’s civilisation. Those who kill people without charge and trial just because of their nationality must be made to realise that they are committing crimes against humanity by any standard of jurisprudence. The world should focus on putting an end to punishment without crime being committed. The UN should have a special day to focus on such a despicable and indefensible act so that through discussions in all media establishments and public for a, the conscience of those who could become future perpetrators could be shaped to ensure that they would consider such injustice to be repugnant.  ]]>