“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” Part 17


By Amie Sillah Mbinkey With Jegan The duo went on a stroll and discussed old times. Mbinkey “Your sister is a nurse in the making and she is very serious about it and many suitors are also after her. But your father as usual is greedy and choosy.” Jegan “Aisha is now 24 years of age and can choose her husband no man should be imposed upon her. That is my stance.” Mbinkey “Where is everybody? Let us go behind in the yard.” Aisha She saw Jegan both rushed and hugged each other. Jegan “Ah! That’s my kid sister! I’ve heard you are now studying to become a nurse in the Nursing academy?” Aisha “You are correct. Your kid sis here is a grown up and no longer the teenager you left when you went in search of greener pastures. Here bro meet my husband!” Jegan    “Husband! Are you married? Mom told me a suitor not a husband; all the same.” Ous He is uneasy but could not avoid Jegan who directly stretched his hand and looked him in the eyes. Explosion “What! Is it this fraudster ‘419’ that you call your husband, Allah forbid?” He turned to Mbinkey and said; “Mama, this is the fraudster ‘419’ thief I told you about, he defrauded my company of millions of dollars make it bankrupt and sent all of us out of work, he came here in falsehood and imposing what he is not, the Interpol is searching for him to be arrested and bring back to Liberia for trial and to face justice.” Bombshell “What is happening?” The family asked. Aisha “That cannot be true, can you explained what is happening? My fiancé is from America and he is taking me there after marriage.” She asked Ous. Ous He tried to explain but it was incomprehensible. “I have never been to U.S, me no O!” Saer with Pa Morr “What are you going to do my son?” Papa asked. Saer “Your house will be completed, the furniture is on the way in my container, and you’ll donate the old furniture to the hospital as well as all the other appliances.” Papa “But I’ll not part with my furniture until the new one arrives.” Saer “Of course, you’ll not part with anything until the new house is done.” Commotion “Fraudster! He defrauds my company of millions of dollars and came back home to continue his falsehood. He has never been to U.S and is no businessman as he claims.” The parents are shocked and bewildered. Jegan He continued. “You have the nerve to come to my home asked for my young sister’s hand in marriage after defrauding my company threw me out of work? How dare you?” He scolded and gave him some punches, he loosen Jegan’s grip and ran for dear life and he impulsively ran after him helter skelter! Ous fell down and Jegan found her big stick and hit his leg and strained it, the family came and restrained him which gave Ous the opportunity to run for his dear life. The family “You should not beat him; what about if you kill her?” Ous He ran for dear life and met her on the road as he ran helter-skelter. Begay She is surprised to see Ous running for his dear life. “What is pursuing you or what are you pursuing after? I thought you were to go to Aisha’s home for a visit to meet members of her extended family?” Ous “There is a problem; I’ll see you later.” He ran past her. Begay “It is strange, why is Ous running as if he is in a marathon? What could be the problem he is talking about?” She decided to follow him to his hotel. Ous He got into his suites and started to pack his belonging in haste. Papa Sorgi He is enraged as he cursed and rained insults at Ous. “The fraudster promised me heaven and earth and I believe him; let him go to hell and burn to pieces.” Mbinkey She burst into laughter. “Why are you cursing and raining insult at him? My husband wants to go to America; isn’t it the law of Khmer? It is pay back for what you and your daughter has treated K.B. I am on my own and I was never part of your game.” Papa is ashamed of his actions towards Saer his best pal’s son; he does not care about K.B whom he refers to an inferior and unsuitable to marry his daughter. Begay She engaged Ous in discussion. Ous “Some problems arose during the introduction and I came out to sort them, when I come back we will discuss and sort ourselves.”  To be continued]]>