“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene! Part 13


By Amie Sillah Papa Sorgi and Alh. Morr “To say I am very disappointed with you is an understatement. You are an opportunist and disgrace to manhood, a green snake in a green grass,” Alhajj bombarded him. “I regretted having you as a friend.” Papa “Don’t be angry with me; it is Allah who has not willed it and I cannot force my daughter into any relationship and marriage for that matter even if it involve my best friend’s son. Please appreciate my point of view.” Alhajj is enraged and he walked out on his friend. Aisha She is tired and exhausted after partying all night. Saer He called Matty who was in the wash room but Aisha picked it up. “Who is it?” Saer heard Aisha’s voice and dropped the phone. “He dropped the phone! It is Saer’s voice but why is he calling Matty? It is interesting!”She posited with sarcasm. Aisha She confronted Matty as soon as she came back from the wash room. “Are you dating Saer?” She asked with arrogance. “What do you mean by that? Why?” “Don’t ask me a dumb, stupid question. He called you and when he heard my voice he dropped his phone. I should have known, you should have told me and was that not the reason why you were insisting I go back to K.B?You should havecome out plain instead of snatching him from me,” Aisha scolded Matty. Matty “You are pitiful and so pathetic! What do you want Aisha? Are you okay? I am not dating anyone but definitely not Saer, I have no boyfriend.” Aisha “Pretender! You can take him old maid I don’t need him, you can have him to have a man in your life,” She posited insultingly. K.B He is in the traffic and saw Begay standing at a junction; she stopped him but when she realized it is K.B she turned her face but K.B came down from his taxi. After greeting her he said. “Where is Aisha your friend? I tried to find her all these days but to no avail; I have good news for her for us hop in and I’ll give you a lift for free, only take me to my girl.” Begay “Are you drunk or what? Am I your messenger or envoy? Are you the one paying me?” K.B “I am just very excited and want to share the news with no other person but Aisha my one and only girl.” Begay “I don’t care about both of you, leave me alone!” She scolded him. K.B “Why are you angry with me? What have I done to you but only to give you favours?” She ignored him and took another taxi which drove away leaving K.B stranded he then entered his taxi. At Aisha’s House K.B visited her house and got audience with Mbinkey. “Mama please help me see Aisha I have important news for her.” Mbinkey    “Go to her school she is there and you can talk to her.” K.B “No! No! I can’t go to her school; she will embarrass and hurl insults at me, phone her Mama and tell her I have very good news for us, for our future.” Mbinkey “Aisha is very stubborn and greedy just like her father and nowadays they don’t listen or take my advice. But just try she must listen to you.” Commotion Papa spotted K.B’s taxi and got enraged. “What is this bagger doing in my house? K.B again? Who send this son of a bitch to come and put sand into my sauce?” He rushed into the house and confronted Mama. “What are you still doing at home, have you not gone to market, talking to vagabond, a ‘nobody’?” K.B greeted him but he ignored him and said; “I am coming, just wait for me.” K.B sensed danger, ran out, got into his taxi and quickly drove away. Papa    He came out with a machete sweating and panting. “Where is that K.B? That son of a bitch! He wants to put sand into my sauce! Where is he?” Mbinkey went after him pleading. “Give me the machete you cannot use it at him, take it easy you are hypertensive.” Papa tumbled down the step and sprained his ankle. In Pain He cried in pain and hurl curse and more insults at K.B. Papa “My enemies sent him after me but he has failed. He will be burnt in histaxi, he will have accident and die!” He swore. Mbinkey “Stop cursing and hurling insults at K.B, the poor boy is innocent and has done nothing to you in fact it is you and your daughter who wrong him and should ask for his forgiveness after scrapping him dry. Why should you run after him with a machete? Was that not too much? I don’t like it at all and Allah will bear me witness at the time of reckoning.” Papa    “On whose side are you, your family or K.B an outsider?” Mbinkey “I am on the side of truth when I die I’ll be buried in my grave alone with nobody but my deeds on earth whether good or bad.” Aisha She came to the Academy crossed and sulking she lay on the bed fiddling her smart phone. Begay    She came from Ous’ suite and is still sulking and felt insulted by his rejection. She also lay on the bed putting her head on the other side. Each refused to greet the other the room became very tense. Saer He rang Matty. Matty “Are you the one who sent the cake?” Saer “Yes I am the one who sent it and when I tried to inform you Aisha got my call and I cannot tell you. I am very sorry because I know she would have hurled insults at you; that girl is pompous and naughty nowadays.” Matty “Thank you for the cake, I did not know who sent it now I can go and share it with my friends.” Papa and Mbinkey Theyquarreled all the time when Mama massaged his ankle. “Look at the trouble that you brought unto yourself. I am tired with your troubles on top of my household drudgery.” Papa “You now talk to me anyhow, no respect for me. But you are right I brought the trouble onto myself; I don’t know why I followed that evil boy with a machete that fateful day? That boy is trouble since he entered my house.” Saer with Matty “I am very sorry for treating you as thrash when you tried to advise me. All my steps with Aisha were wrong; now she is moving from one man to another very wayward; I want to move on with my life marry a good wife but I need your advice.” To be Cont.]]>