“Nyaaka Bubu Nyaaka Chene!” Part 12


By Amie Sillah K.B He has real love for Aisha on whose head he has spent a fortune but because of greed and insincerity father and daughter has forsaken him but he still loves his ‘dearest’ Aisha. He took her picture and examine it with lover’s eyes; he kissed the photo rubbed it at his chest and put it back into his taxi. “What has become of her? But I still love her; Allah please help me get back my fiancée!” he prayed. Papa He called Mbinkey and offered her a seat. “Sit down!” “Yes am seated! What is it?” He gave her a brown envelope. “What is this?” “Open it, it is for you, our In-law asked me to give it to you for ‘kola’.” “Which In-law, K.B, Saer or Ous?” Mama asked with sarcasm. “Are you mad? It is Ous of course, isn’t he the biggest boy among the lot?” Mbinkey pushed the envelope to him. “I don’t need it am sorry.” “This is poverty disease as Ous rightly explains, here is our daughter’s fiancé who gave us money gift and you are here rejecting it. Well, I’ll take it; isn’t it my luck? I’ll take and spend it.” Mbinkey left him stranded. At the Hostel Academy The duo caricature Matty and called her names. “I am ready to settle down with Ous, we will get married and proceed to the U.S where I’ll continue with my studies,” Aisha posited. “I am happy for you O, please help me find a guy like Ous whom I’ll marry as my ticket to go to U.S and study nursing; you are a lucky babe.” Aisha bluffed. “Baby! I am not only lucky but blessed. Say it loud and clear.” Matty ignored them. “Are you not saying anything?” “What am I going to say?” Matty responded. “Tenneng leave this old maid let her waste her time sulking over K.B.” She turned to Matty. “You can bloody well marry him, I don’t care.” Aisha posited rudely as the duo mocked ‘the taxi-driver.” Matty ignored them. Matty It is her birthday and she was making her hair. A fellow student Marget brought her a cake with a card. “From who?” “The baker brought it himself and said it was a special request from whom I don’t know.” “Thank you.” “Who send it? I am surprised.” Begay “Are you hiding anything from us? Do you want us to believe that you don’t know who send you a birthday cake?” “That is the truth.” “Happy birthday!” Begay shouted Aisha’s name to come and join in the celebration. Aisha laughed at Matty. “This is your birthday and someone special sends you a birthday cake and you want us to belief that you don’t know who he/she is?” “That is the truth and I want to celebrate it quietly.” “Happy birthday Matty!” Aisha hugged and kissed her. “Cut it and share it I am famished,” Aisha said. “Take it easy my friend until I find out who sends it, it might be ‘boku haram’ or some other poisonous guy, please let me be sure first.” Begay “Please don’t finish the cake leave my share I have an appointment and will be back soon.” Matty “We are not sharing or eating any cake until after my investigation to ensure everything is okay.” Begay’s Game She lusts over Ous and have decided to pay him a visit at the hotel. Ous was surprised to see her. Ous “Where is Aisha? But you did not tell me you are visiting?” “I want to surprise you and as for Aisha she did not know I am here.” She jumped at Ous and took off her clothes, “No! No! No! But this is not right! Is Aisha not your friend?” “Am I not fine? What does Aisha has which I don’t have? I give you the treat of your life with styles that she cannot give you; after the experience you’ll realize I can perform better than Aisha.” Sheepishly Ous took the bait and the duo has a good time. The Aftermath After the experience Begay posited; “What did I tell you? Has Aisha ever given you such treatment? Forget about her so many suitors are after her hand in marriage when I have none; just care for me and I’ll reciprocate.” “What is your name again?” Begay jumped from the bed and stood up. She insulted Ous. “What! You don’t know my name you bagger?” she insulted him. “I blame myself for giving myself freely to you on a silver platter!” She slapped Ous who got irritated. Ous “Never do this again! And also let Aisha not know about it! Are you not the worst of friends? How can you go behind your so-called best friend’s fiancé seduce and slept with him? Is a bitch not better than you? Hands off and never exhibit your filthy seductive body to me again!” he insulted her and Begay left hauling insults and obscenities at him. The Unexpected    K.B came jumping with excitement as he rushed to Mama as a child with good news. “Mama! Mama! Mama it has happen at last.” Mama Yaadi “What has happen my boy? You have not been this excited for a long time now. What is it that gives my son so much joy? I am definitely interested as a mom.” K.B “Do you remember early this year precisely mid-February when I told you about a tourist client who came to the village and I took him to his hotel and then to the airport; he encouraged me to join the U.S Visa lottery which I reluctantly did but guess what mom? I won!” “What! You won? O my son I am very happy for you as our people would say how long you waited at the well a bucket will one day meets you there. You have been insulted and belittled by the one whom you love and sacrificed for just because you cannot make it to the top, but look at Allah’s work today. Have more patience everything would be okay someday because you have a clean heart. Now come in and have your food I cook your favourite dish ‘Domoda findi Yappa’ (groundnut soup with meat, veges and findi grain).” Mama Yaadi shed emotional tears for her son. “Mama food can wait for now! I am going to Aisha to share the good news with her.” Mama Yaadi “Aisha again! What am I going to do with this Aisha of a girl who would not allow my son to rest? Another raid of insults and humiliation await you from her and her father.” Mama is sad and worried. K.B “Don’t you worry Mama everything will be fine I assure you.” To be Cont]]>