NSC decision on petition against wrestling association


By Sulayman Bah National Sports Council (NSC) is tight-lipped over a petition presented to it relating to the Gambia Wrestling Gambia Wrestling AssociationAssociation. Gambia Wrestling Association leadership is being challenged by some stakeholders who accused it of incompetence and embezzlement.

A four-page petition bearing signatures of wrestlers, wrestling club managers and promoters detailing a plethora of concerns was sent to the NSC seeking its intervention on the matter.

In the petition with forty-eight signatures, the petitioners claimed that the leadership has no validated constitution or established complex for headquarters, lacks transparency and has failed to hold an Annual General Meeting.

It also alleges the manipulation by the leadership of combat dates for monetary gains as well as the falsification of portfolios for travel benefits in international competitions.

The wrestling association, however, has confirmed the ongoing saga but maintains its innocence of the charges.

The NSC told Foroyaa Sport in a previous interview that the matter is being looked into. However two months later a definite conclusion is yet to be announced or reached.

A good number of the council’s officials are said to be at the summer youth camp in the provinces when this publication visited their headquarters yesterday.

The situation has triggered a furor in the wrestling arena, as it is coming at a time when the GWA was recently given a clean bill of health and endorsed as a recognized national sporting association by Sports Council after having passed through an intense scrutiny.