Mai Fatty Challenges His Colleagues for a Debate


Secretary General of Gambia Moral Congress, Mai Fatty, said on Monday, he is ‘ready to publicly debate those who present themselves as the new solutions’ to Gambia’s problems.

See below the full text of the statement issued by Mai Fatty:  

I am proud to state that I have long committed my life to the service of my people since my teen days, when most of my contemporaries were still trying to find their bearing. My baptism started from high school classroom straight to jail, for defending the rights of the poor. As a Lawyer, I devoted most of my practice to liberating political detainees & falsely accused persons from prison for zero Dalasi, and for defending the human rights of Gambians in the law courts. I took a Lead role in the liberation of my people from tyranny, and remained on the vanguard until the final victory. Together, we made history. No one will ever ask where was I, when The Gambia gravely needed her brave sons and daughters to liberate the Nation.

I am not a politician of opportunism or convenience. My record has been consistent and a glorious one. My commitment to The Gambia is a matter of international public acknowledgment. The scars I carry are the proudest Badge of Honour of my selfless & unconditional sacrifice for my people. I am battle tested over the years, and integrity proven. That is my greatest satisfaction. That is the success worthy to be proud of. That is the Gambian success we must now consolidate, in the collective interests of all our peoples; a society where inclusion, justice and equity are the hallmarks of social progression.

Lastly, I am ready to publicly debate those who present themselves as the new solutions to our country on one SPECIFIC issue: record of personal service and sacrifice to our country, during the period when The Gambia in her most dire needs, was crying out loud with tears and blood for salvation. Who among them has the audacity to accept this public challenge???