LARGE CROWDS WELCOME HON. MAMMA KANDEH TO SK I will never disrespect any political party leader –says GDC leader


The GDC returned to the Kombos drawing large crowds as people coming from different areas lined up the main road to welcomegdc6 Hon. Mamma Kandeh. Thousands of supporters streamed in from Giboro Kuta, Brikama, Farato, Lamin, Abuko, Latri Kunda and West Filed and cheered as he moved on to Bakau where they had a rally.

At the Bakau rally Hon Mamma Kandeh said he will never disrespect any leader, as Jammeh is the president of The Gambia. After all, he said, the only thing between them is the seat. He said if they are on their convoy and the president is passing, he will step aside and let him pass to show him respect, including other leaders too.

The GDC Chairman of Bakau, said GDC was formed within 1 year but has been able to draw large crowds, adding that their supporters have been waiting since in the morning at Bakau for their arrival. He urged all the people of Bakau to vote for Hon Mamma Kandeh.

Dodou Kassa Jatta a former supporter of UDP who is now in GDC, “Gambia is ours. Let us be in peace and harmony”. He said, “We will have a new president in 2016 and that is Hon Mamma Kandeh”.

He said that when he was in exile he distanced himself from The Gambia and did not regard himself a Gambian, but when he learn of the leadership of the GDC he came back to The Gambia. He called for changes pointing out that President Jammeh had served for 22 years while Ex-President Jawara had served for 30 years. He said that GDC is here to liberate the people.

Hon Mamma Kandeh thanked the people of Bakau for their warm welcome, saying that the warm welcome he received from the people of Bakau has shown that APRC government is over. He urged all Gambians to forgive him because of the traffic jam caused by the convoy as some were on their mission and others might be sick.

He also urged all political parties to forgive him whatever he says that may not please them, and asked for forgiveness. He also urged all political parties and their supporters to maintain peace as the GDC is always here for peace.

He called for party leaders to have a meeting on Wednesday a day before the election to share ideas, and to close old chapters and open a new one to create a warm environment. “After all we are brothers of the same Country,” he remarked. He urged GRTS to cover the proceedings that day and broadcast it on the TV. This, he said, is to show that he is not an enemy to anyone of them.

He indicated that the formation of GDC has impacted on the nation. He was critical of the dismissal of civil servants without due cause and the prevalence of impunity, compelling many to seek refuge in other countries. He promised all Gambians that when he is elected into office he will make sure all this is stopped.

He assured that when elected he will build schools where students will learn sport and not schools without qualified teachers. He also said since 1965 Gambia has only one television station which was brought by the APRC government, and promised to build more TV stations in the Gambia if he is elected into office.

He said when one goes to the hospital the only drug available is paracetamol which is quite embarrassing for the country. He assured that he will build a well-equipped hospital, and highly qualified doctors, and will introduce health insurance in the Gambia.

Hon Mamma Kandeh also thanked the GRTS and all other media houses that have been with the GDC from day one to date.  He also thanked the Gambia Transport Union and the entire Gambian people, and the GDC government for their hard work which has made the GDC to be recognised by Gambians.

He said those within the clutches of President Jammeh will be removed and those who are encountering difficulties and hardship would be freed if the GDC is elected into power.