Kombo East NAM Receives Goods For Constituency Development


By Nelson Manneh

The National Assembly Member for Kombo East Constituency Hon. Abdou Sowe, has received a consignment of building materials such as cement, corrugated iron sheets and nails, as part of his constituency development fund. The funds are allocated to each NAM by the National Assembly, and it is part of the annual budget allocation that enables NAMs to register some development within their respective constituencies.

“The funds form part of the annual budget, and therefore it is for the benefit of every resident of my constituency,” Hon. Abdou Sowe the National Assembly Member for Kombo East Constituency told this reporter.

“As for me, I engaged my voters first in order to know their needs and I realised that the proposals I received from different communities within my constituency, needed building materials the most,” he said. The Member for Kombo East said the materials he received are all building and roofing materials which will be distributed to six communities within the constituency and said the beneficiaries will include: Faraba-Sutu; Kafuta; Faraba; Kafuta-Tumbung; Sotokoi and Basorie villages.

The Member for Kombo East in his narration said prior to receiving the materials, he sensitised his constituents and explained to them about the funds.  

“I further told them that the funds allocated cannot solve all their problems but each community or associations can write proposals and send them to me. I have a committee who went through all the proposals and we will allocate the goods based on their proposals,” he said. Hon. Sowe said they were able to select six communities out of the many requests received, and that each of the materials will be handed over to the beneficiary communities and associations for disbursement.

Kaddy Manneh, a native of Kuloro said this has never happened in Kombo East.

“I am more than forty years old now, and I have been participating in election activities since that. However, none of our former representatives have ever done this,” she said. Mrs Manneh said she never knew the existence of the constituency development fund for National Assembly Members.

“This is what we call leadership. Communities should benefit from what is meant for them and this is what we expect from our representatives,” she affirmed. And everyone who spoke to this reporter, reiterated similar remarks and heaped praises on their representative as being very open and honest to them.