Friday, March 24, 2023

Team ‘Gom Sa Bopa’, Partners Validate Research On Artistic Freedom


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By Nelson Manneh

Team ‘Gom Sa Bopa’ and partners have validated a research document on artistic freedom in The Gambia, on Thursday 2nd February 2023. The research which was conducted by the Center for Research and Policy Development (CRPD), was an assignment given to the said institution by team ‘Gom Sa Bopa’, for them to conduct.

The objective of the project is to provide clear insights on the status of freedom of artistic in the country, by providing an overview of artistic freedom in comparison to countries, in order to come up with workable recommendations that will help artists, audiences and advocates defend their specific artistic rights on free expression, and to guide government and other stakeholders in better promoting and protecting them.

The assignment which was commissioned by PANAF for review of the current legal frameworks and components for artistic freedom and the limitations subjected to artistic expression, should be able to identify any gaps as well as potential opportunities available, to enhance artistic freedom in the Gambia. The report is expected to contain recommendations to promote any necessary legal reform or to implement the legal provisions required to protect artistic freedom in The Gambia.

“It is against this backdrop that CPRD in partnership with Team ‘Gom Sa Bopa’, organised this validation workshop for stakeholders to validate the findings that have been generated. The findings and recommendations of the overall report will feed into and respond to the overall objective of the project,” Ali Cham, the President of Team ‘Gom Sa Bopa’ said.

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Ali Cham who is currently the representative of Gambia artists at PANAF, said the study should give a clear insight on the status of freedom of artistic expression in the Gambia, and develop a workable recommendation that will help artists, audiences and advocates to defend their specific artistic rights to free expression, and will guide government and other stakeholders to better promote and protect them.

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