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On pro bono work by lawyers

Many litigants have approached Foroyaa to seek assistance to pursue justice but have to give up because they cannot afford to pay a lawyer. Foroyaa is aware of a few cases when lawyers have offered their service pro bono, which has led to the liberty of the persons concerned; such as the case of former protocol officer, Momodou Bah, led by Sagarr Jahateh, the case of Kebba Secka led by Sheriff Kumba Jobe, the case of Salamata Bah, etc.

Justice Bah has emphasised that “A lawyer must be prepared to accept a brief pro bono public for the public good. Lawyers are in a unique position to help individuals, groups, and organizations with their legal problems and further the public good.” 

Will members of the Bar heed to the words of Justice Awa Bah? If each takes one pro bono case to promote justice and liberty every two years we will have more than a hundred pro bono cases compared to the more than 11,000 cases conducted in the courts each year.

Some may regard this as a humanitarian gesture but in line with the thinking of Justice Awa Bah it is just being true to the profession.

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