Kebba Jallow Denies Touma’s Claims


By Makutu Manneh

People Progressive Party new secretary general and party leader has on Tuesday shrugged off claims that his rival’s supporters were denied entry during their party’s recent congress held in Brikamaba in the Central River Region of the country.

Kebba E. Jallow’s main challenger Fatoumatta Touma Njie, who is also the National Assembly Member for Banjul South, faulted the vote and declared herself their party’s interim leader.

Jallow, who was elected party leader on Saturday, told Foroyaa: “She (Touma) did not accept the voting process and we are a democratic party. The majority carries the vote. It is not true that her supporters were denied entry, everyone was there and even journalists were there.”
Mr. Jallow said the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) conducted the election and everything was transparent and those on the voters’ list voted.

He said the congress was not a general election where everyone was eligible to vote, saying they (PPP) agreed that two females and two males were to be selected from each constituency to participate in electing their party leader and Secretary General.

The former mayor of Kanifing Municipality said all the people listed to vote were allowed entry and had voted.

“If we agree to do something, then she should do that as an honorable member of parliament, agreement is agreement,” he said.

He said they have worked together and adopted the constitution, adding that the congress was successful and they have to move on.
Jallow said he is glad that Touma had declared herself as the interim party leader and Secretary General of PPP because her statement had shown that it was not the agreement of the congress.

The new PPP leader said their move now is to focus on structuring the party and move forward, saying PPP is a blessed party that stood for the independence of The Gambia.

Mr. Jallow said he will be going round the country to bring their supporters together so that they can take over the country again.

“I want to make sure PPP stands on its feet so that we can organise the party peacefully. The party belongs to all Gambians,” he said.