“Jongaama!” Part 8


BY Amie Sillah The Friends    They ran back to the verandah and waited for her. Sha She wiped her tears and walked to her house. “Men are men, we heard you shouting to each other what was it about?” Amsa asked. “What did you hear?” Sha interrogated them before replying. “We actually did not hear the words.” Mberry answered. “If you want to eavesdrop next time open your ears very well so that you can hear everything.” Sha responded. “It was not a big deal he was just asking me to prepare him a local dish, and I said no.” “Why did you say no?” Amsa asked. “He insisted and I said no and he started shouting but right now everything has been settled and I’ll cook it in my flat, you know how men can be. You know I cannot cook that’s why I insisted to cook it here for you to help me.” “Sharp you!” Amsa posited. “Girlfriend that’s me, guess what I bought some beef steak stuff and condiments and help me cook some delicious ‘benachin for him.” “But Mr. Handsome is naughty tell him he cannot command until he ties the knot.” Amsa posited. “Hello babe! It’s my boyfriend you are talking about, stop judging him.” Sha commented. “And so?” Mberry asked. “She has to be careful before blows come raining at her.” “I am being jealous.” Amsa posited. Before the food was ready Sha went and locked herself inside her bedroom and wept bitterly for being rejected by Richie. “What is happening to me? Shasha, the ‘lioness’ being rejected by a man?” She pinched herself. “Wake up, this is not Sha!” Shesoliloquy. Knock! Knock! “The ‘benachin yapp’ ready! Hot and delicious waiting to be consumed! Please don’t keep us waiting.” Amsa announced.    “Serve me for two, I’ll later take it to Richie, at the moment I have migraine and is snapping, sorry for not joining you.” “It’s okay, we will be fine.” Amsa posited. At the Nursing Home Richie visited Rose and found her sleeping but did not wake her up.He tiptoed and kissed her forehead. Rose opened her eyes. “When did you come? Where is Matam?” “Just arriving and did not find her here, look outside, what did you see?” “A car, who owns it?” “It is our car the company allocated it to me and I have decided to buy it and pay by installment. I have also been given a flat and a housing loan to build our house.” “I am very happy for you O!” “Happy for us working together for our good! You are sad, what is the problem especially when I brought good news?” “I don’t see a future together with us.” “Why did you say so? “ “What if I never walk, are you going to stick to one miserable, wheel chaired woman? You are young and handsome, why should you stick yourself to me?” “Who said you’ll not walk again? I’ll ensure you do your exercises and take your drugs. Medical science will not fail us and even if it does, we will always go for the best option, nothing change, I’ll be with you under whatever circumstances, my love, my life.” He took her hand and kissed it while they shed emotional tears. This is an exhibit of real, genuine love. Matam came and stood at the door quietly in order not to disrupt the lovers in their love bird nest. Then she huffed and got their attention. “I went out to check my email and also to buy you some fruit.” She greeted Richie. “Thank you for being faithful to my sister and giving her the courage to live again.” “It’s my pleasure; she would have done the same for me if I were in her position.” “What is the latest medical bulletin?” Richie asked. “I have finished all my injections and will be discharged today and will be coming weekly to see the Physiotherapist; we can collect the rest of the drugs on our way out.” Jabbou She is very sick and asked her daughter to go and tell her father. Hadja Bineh went and told her father. “Baaba, mama is sick and want you take her to hospital.” Bineh is 12 years old and is going to school, Jabbou sees to it that all her girl children will be educated a chance she missed. “What’s problem?” “Her belly hurts and she needs urgent attention. You have abandon us for a week and you are just coming, it is not fair papa and it is very callous of you.” “What you say? Your mama put you to propaganda.” He accused his wife for poisoning his children against him. “No talk to me lek dat me na you father.” “Give us money I’ll help her go to hospital.” Alhajj is ashamed of the eldest daughter who is aware of everything and has her mother’s empathy. He dipped his hand and gave her D500. “Take taxi and takam hospital.” He then drove away without asking after Jabbou’s health. “Disna callous man, regret marry him.” Jabbou shook her head. In the Open. Sha came out openly to her friends about her obsession with Richie who is pushing her away. She cried bitterly and her friends were flabbergasted. Sha sobbed bitterly because of lust for Richie. “What is happening to you Shasha? Are you okay? This was only a game remember!” “This is the first time I am being defeated by a man; Richie is now my hero and my life! If I don’t have Richie I’ll die!” “This is serious O!” The friends laughed at her. “I have surrendered! I am in love with Richie!” Richie He returned home and was in his house reading a poem Rose wrote to him when he was studying abroad and he was laughing to himself. “If anyone come to my house now and found me laughing will think I am mad when am not. I just love everything about my girl, simple, understanding, unassuming and real unlike these painted masquerades, full of themselves, pretentious, pompous with vain pride.” A Knock at the Door “Who is it? Come in the door is not close.” Who came in? Shasha came in. “What is it, what are you doing here?” “I want to apologize, I am very sorry.” Sha said. “Sorry for what? You have not offended me and I don’t need any apologies from you, please let me be, you cannot get me I belong to someone else, am sorry. I don’t need anything from you, I don’t have interest in you; I don’t want you to come to this house again; do you understand?” Richie said callously. To be Cont.]]>

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