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“Jongaama!” Part 6


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Sha Stealthilyshe decided to pay the guy a visiting his house unbeknown to her friends. She became uncomfortable as she waited for Richie to come out of his room. “He thinks he can do ‘sakara’ to me but when I finally get him I’ll use and dump him like tissue paper just like the other guys that came before him.” Sha pondered in her mind. Richie “Hi!” He greeted Sha. “Please forgive me I’ve come to apologize, sorry, please forgive me.” She pleaded. Richie is surprised. “What for? Did you offend me?” Richie asked with innocence. “Please I have nothing against you or your friendsbesides I am a very busy person, excuse me I am on my way out let me see you off.” He drove away. The Damsels The other two girls peeped through the window curtain and sat down quickly when Sha started to come towards their house. They laughed hilariously when she entered the house. Sha “Why are you laughing?” She questioned her friends. “We saw you coming out from our neighbour’s flat, when have you gone hunting to catch ‘Mr. Handsome’s attention? I am definitely sure as usual that he snubbed you again.” Mberry posited as she laughed at her. “I am very sorry to disappoint you girls, Richie will be mine I’ve just started the game, watch me!” She boasted. “Get him off your head, he is not your type and is too serious for your pranks.” Amsa posited. “Richie does not give a damn about anything under skirt, he is the faithful type, and I wish I was his Rose.” Mberry dreamed. Sha became infuriated due to vain pride and swore. “I swear by my mother’s grave that I’ll get him no matter the cost even if it means doing the extraordinary.” The friends laughed at her which infuriated her all the more. “Be focus on Alhajj whom you promise a son, leave Richie alone with his Rose whom he is nursing out of sickness.” The two friends advised. She talked to herself. “I’ll get him no matter what it takes, I’ll not allow them to continue to mock at me, and I can get any man I want is my challenge which I never fail.” Sha is determined. Jabbou She brought the drug bill and showed her husband. “Dis na waitin?” Alhajj asked. “Pharmacy bill to give me blood.” “What! D3000? Ano get dat kind money. Ago gi you D1000 and you manage for now. Ano want spend much money on girl pickin again.” “You give you girlfriend money for motor but refuse medicine for you pregnant wife?” “Yes, a giam to real woman who de gime boy pickin and not army girls.” Alhajj became very callous and hard upon his poor wife. Jabbou cried bitterly. She is suffering and in pain, no empathy from the man she married as a maiden and blessed with four beautiful, lovely girls. Muhammad The security guard Muhammad witnessed the incidence and empathized with Jabbou. He took out D2000 from his house and gave it to her. “What! Where do you get this kind of money?” Jabbou asked him. “From my salary which I save, I send some to my parents at the village and the rest I am saving to get married later. I sacrifice and give it to you because you are suffering for nothing which is not your fault, take it and add to your money, Insha Allah God will give you male issues.” Jabbou shed emotional tears and praised Mo’s efforts. “Allah de bless you for me, you node lack.” Sha She is obsessed with Richie and must get him at all cost, Alhajj is now a thing of the past but he is yet to know about his fate. She sat in her car reflecting about how to execute her plan. She drove out of the compound, slowed down to wait for Richie. Richie He came out, his car is with the mechanic. Sha drove slowly past him, stopped and offered him a lift. “Please jump in.” She said. He opened the front seat and sat beside her. “Thank you.” Richie said. “It’s a pleasure.” Sha    She took him to the supermarket where he was going waited and brought him back. “You waited for me? Did you not go to work?” Richie asked with concern. “I hope I’ll not cause you any problem? What about your boss? Will you not be late?” “I am my own boss in my boutique, it is not a problem but a great pleasure.” “Thank you very much.” At Home Sha drove into the compound with ‘Mr. Handsome’ sitting at the front seat. The sisters came out at their verandah observing the scene. He came out and thanked her for the ride. “It’s a pleasure and you’ve made my day.” “Thank you again.” Richie left for his flat. Shasha rushed and hugged the girls. “Shasha!” They both exclaimed. Make Believe Story “‘Mr. Handsome’ sent me a note through Musa our security guard when I opened it I found out that he was asking me for a date with him, I jumped to it; he took me to an exotic restaurant and we have lunch together. Afterwards we went to buy ice-cream; I’ve brought along three 2 liter ice cream bowlsfor each of us. Chill babes nothing is impossible for Sha; seriously that guy is romantic but shy, he is not a snob but selective and choosy.” “You are too much Sha; you’ve finally done it; congratulations!” The friends concurred. “Now to the bet both of you owe me D50, 000, when am I going to have my money?” “Well a bet is a bet but we can only pay by installment if that is okay by you.” The girls posited. “Installment at what rate?” Sha asked. “D5000 per month.” “That is too small.” Sha protested pondered over it for a while and said; “Paupers! I have another idea.” “What is your idea may we hear about it?” “You know I hate cooking, you girls will take turn to cook me delicious dishes for a year then you’ll not pay me a dime, is that okay by you?” “Certainly!” The girls reply in unison. “We are in.” The Game    She stealthily left their house and went into Richie’s flat. “Knock! Knock!” “Who is it? Come in.” Richie responded. “Hello!” “Good evening! How are you?” Sha said. “Can I have a glass of water?” “Sure!” Richie went inside and brought her a glass. She deliberately left her nylon bag behind near where she sat. She drank the glass. “You are a life saver, I was so thirsty.” Richie gave an acid smile. “Thank you.” She left and Richie closed his door. The Damsels She went back and the girls were excited to hear more news about ‘Mr. Handsome’. To be Cont.  ]]>

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