Is Mob Justice On The Rise?



The general alarm being raised on the rise of armed robbery and killings is having the opposite effect of inflaming communities to take the law into their own hands.

The case of a mentally ill young man has been reported to Foroyaa. He was brutalized for suspicion of attempting to abduct a child only to discover later that he was mentally ill.  He received laceration on the face.

Mob justice could lead to injustice. This is why it should be contained. In a just society one must gather evidence and prosecute a person before imposing penalties if found guilty.

To punish a suspect before gathering evidence is the law of the jungle where might is right. Mob justice creates more insecurity.

People should reflect on how many people had been traumatised due to accusation of taking away a person’s private part. Those who make such allegations should first be taken to a doctor to confirm whether the allegation is true. This is hardly done.