Civil Oversight Of Security Operations


The security services should not have any political interference in the way they carry out their functions.

However, their operations should be subjected to civil authority to prevent abuse of power. There have been many arrests of vehicles and drivers who have been stopped from operating despite the fact that they have paid their dues in terms of licences.

Those arrested are reporting for days and if they make court appearance as a result of formality, they would be losing thousands of dalasi just after huge expenses on the observance of Easter and Ramadan.

Wherever there are special security operations the Attorney General should become alert and the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions should be in charge of reviewing the files of those arrested to determine the merits of the cases.

The state must realise that any abuse of power will give it a bad name. Hence tightening security should be linked with proper scrutiny of the  operations to prevent abuse of power which gives the state a bad name.