Halifa Faults Belief on Size of Gambia’s Territorial Integrity


Halifa Sallah said on Wednesday the belief that the territory of The Gambia is 11,285 square kilometers is wrong, but it is what is taught in the schools.

“That is wrong. Our borders are still not demarcated and for 56 years, no efforts have been made to divide our borders so that we can say this is what we owned,” he said.

He said within six months of a PDOIS led Government the borders would be demarcated.

“We will demarcate the borders within six months of a PDOIS led administration,” Sallah said.

Addressing his Party’s delegates at the launching ceremony of their manifesto, Sallah said a PDOIS led Government will create an expert bank where knowledgeable Gambians would be mobilized to build the destiny that the people deserve.

He said the airspace also belongs to the country.

“Land, sea and air all belong to us,” he said.

He said PDOIS is advocating for a new political agenda and this is why the party is come up with a constitution that will define what belongs to the country – the science of our territory. He detailed that the Transformative Agenda is calling for New Gambians for a New Gambia.

“To become a New Gambian, you must know that the authority to manage the affairs of the state belongs to you and all the wealth of this country belong to you. You have a share and you must demand for that share, otherwise others will take it at your expense,” he said.

He said the Transformative Agenda is founded on building a sovereign republic that will owe no allegiance, obedience or adherence to any foreign power or state and that it seeks to nurture a Gambian who will not accept to be under the domination of any human being under the face of this earth.

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