In Memory of Abdoulie G. Dibba (late)


By Tijan B. R. Njie

Foroyaa has lost a great treasure in the person of Abdoulie Gibril Dibba, the former anchorman of ‘Farmers’ Eye’ Column. The late Mr. Dibba always had the vision and mission to serve humanity and to live his life as duty to country and people. His sudden and unexpected demise which took this medium by surprise, nearly broke the pen which fought for the farmer and common people of the Gambia. The late Mr. Dibba reported on issues in this Column, which seeks to address the complex problems of food insecurity, so that the Gambia can achieve food self-sufficiency, which has been illusive to both past and present Governments.

The late Mr. Dibba spent days and nights in the farthest corners of the Gambia, witnessing the trials and tribulations of Gambian farmers particularly women. He has made several documentation on land degradation, dwindling income, pest infestation and fertiliser shortages, poor harvest, poor marketing, crop loses, shortages of labour saving devises for women in particular, shortages of production inputs and other hosts of problems faced by the farming community.

Since his work earned him the recognition of national and international organisations and institutions that have something to do with agriculture, Foroyaa will continue his legacy in order to provide all those who are interested in facts in the agriculture sector, get the right information.

We will work tirelessly to bring back the ‘Life of the Rural People’, another Column of the late Mr. Dibba, where he dedicated the spirit of love for country by exposing some of the most squalid conditions that the majority of the people live and go through in rural Gambian communities. We will ensure that the late Abdoulie G. Dibba’s legacy live in the hearts and minds of all those who care more about love for country and people, than self.

That is why in this edition of ‘Farmer’s Eye’, we bring you information which was in circulation and investigated by our reporters across the country, regarding a stop in groundnut buying in Seccos across the country. This instruction is said to have emanated from the GGC, to Cooperative Chairpersons in the country.

When the above information was received, ‘Farmer’s Eye’ put reporters into action across the country, to investigate the veracity of the story. In the URR, it was found out that farmers were rushing to receive their monies, when news of cash availability at their Seccos reached them on Sunday 9th January 2022.

This was because farmers who took their groundnuts to GGC buying points, received promissory notes instead of money for nearly a week.

Our URR reporter rushed to one of the buying points in Jah Kunda village in Wuli West, and was able to ascertain the same information. Baka Kebbeh, the Secco president of Jah Kunda, confirmed the availability of cash at his Secco and said this was supplied to them on the afternoon of Subday, 9th January 2022.

“I can confirm that money is available now and as you can see, many farmers are here to get their monies after they were given promissory notes,” Secco President Kebbeh confirmed.

He however said the money brought to their Secco, may sustain them for a week, because the amount is not enough to pay all those who were given promissory notes. Kebbeh further said that people still come to their Secco in large numbers with their groundnuts; that this is the third supply of cash which his Secco has received, since the groundnut trade season began.

See continuation of this story in the next ‘Farmer’s Eye’. Lamin Fatty, Foroyaa’s Regional reporter for URR, contributed to this story.